3:04 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Thieves in the government
    They help themselves to the wealth of the nation, even though there's a deficit budget! NOMENKLATURA!!! Just like the old Soviet Union.
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  • Time for a clawback....
    Lorenzo di Medici
    Where are the clawbacks? You demand them from banks, why doesn't the Government have them? And why are civil employees getting bonuses anyway?
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  • Reason country is in toilet
    Anyone But Obama
    We need to get public sector unions off welfare, that welfare being taxes paying for their pensions and benefits. This is the number ONE reason this country is where it is. Why do they think that they should get FREE pensions and benefits paid for by taxes? I don't get my pension or benefits paid for. Do they think they are better than the rest of the world? Don't like it, then don't take the job. After Walker wins tomorrow, other states are going to start doing the same. Union members are going to have a choice whether or not to join a union and where their unions dues go. Democrats are going to have to get their money laundered someplace else. NO more giving outrageous contracts to unions in return for campaign contributions. Out with Obama. Out with Dumbacrats. Out with govt unions' pensions and benefits being paid for with taxes.
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  • GSA
    I personally know people working at GSA. I use working very loosely. Since I have known these people they work from home and when I say work I mean doing whatever they want with no real expectations. This person even laughs about it because they know the most they have worked in the last 6 months is probably about 5 days. I am not exaggerating. They send this person on overnights where they meet with a client for an hour yet spend the night in a hotel, food, etc when they could have just done a web meeting. BTW this person makes over $100k per year.
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  • GSA has no policy
    It is a sorry state of affairs that an office needs to have a written policy, set of instructions, etc., to do the right thing by denying an individual(s) a monetary bonus while undergoing an investigation. And there is concern on behalf of many USG employees that the general public perceives government workers as overpaid, underworked, and corrupt. What would ever give any sane person that impression?
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