2:00 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • close that checking account it is not safe
    deployed decoy
    Pay for everything on a US bank credit card. Let that get hacked, the most you will be out is $50. My bank has blocked my credit card several times in the last 12 years. Most times it was an inconvenience and them erroring on the safe side. Twice it was because my card had been compromised. One of those times I was not on the hook for the $10,000 at an online flower site. Must have been payment for services using the barter system by an SS agent for a very special lady, could have been a GSA fund raiser. Better than all protection an individual is offered using a credit card - NOT a bank card. When you close all the other accounts, sell your house for cash and just liquidate everything. You can run all the cards up to the limit and then file bankruptcy, like our American businesses and soon government will do. Then, keep all those roses to sell in bars on Friday night for food money, pay the CEO, or the pimp as the case may be.
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  • Somone should try this and report back
    As they found out in Afghaniston, everybody's gotta put their head on a pillow somewhere. Even if it's a rock pillow in a cave.
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  • To Denis S.
    Denis should be matching his receipts to his credit card statement every month regardless. He should monitor his credit reports, regardless. Those are just common sense activities. How do you know if your credit card has been compromised unless you check it? Luckily my credit card company has caught any problem charges before I did, but they are not perfect, so I do it as well. Every month! We also have the credit monitoring. We had someone try to get a second mortgage on our house through several different banks. But, as they didn't have our SSN, the bank called us to get it. (must have looked up the home phone, and all were local banks). That is when we got the credit monitoring. So far so good. But, if someone takes a 2nd on your house for the full value (harder now as they want appraisals), changes the mailing address and spends the money, you may not know until a foreclosure notice is put on your door. Also do not use a debit card. Even though the banks say they are like a visa card and you will only owe $50, the money is gone and you have to get it back. Rather than seeing the problem and not having to pay it at all. Keeping track of your credit should be a basic household chore, not an inconvenience.
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  • Computers make it easy
    Used to be to steal a lot of money, you needed a mask, a gun, and a fast car. Now all you get need is a computer and some computer hackers. And you get a lot more with less risk. A recent NBC investigative report showed how some hackers in the Ukraine were able to install a program called Zeus to tap onto unsuspecting business computers. They were able to steal $70 million from US business bank accounts. But why steal from business bank accounts when the US government is willing to give away money? An ABC news item highlighted Medicare fraud. They interviewed a former drug dealer who switched from drug dealing to medicare fraud. When asked why, he said the money was easier to get (he stole $7 million over 3 years) with less danger. Google tax cheats and Tampa and you will find that the IRS is issuing MILLIONs in identity theft refunds without verifying the refunds first. Computers make robbery so easy, a person can do it from their living room!
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  • Something you should know when you get your credit monitored
    Lisa Lisa
    Its a wonderful thing to have your credit monitored..until you apply for a loan..or credit. They will deny you. It happened to us..embarassingly so. It all started when we were victims of Identity theft. We were offered credit monitoring..I think it was for 3-6 months. Anyhow, during that monitoring phase, we were buying a car. You know, you are there for hours to buy a car after all of the haggling, uor salesman disappearing to "speak to the manager", then their finance dept, etc. It was 5PM when the dealership's fiannce dept came out and said our loan was declined. Our hearts sank and faces red of embarassmen. We IMMEDIATELY thought..oh not..not ID theft again, because we KNEW we had excellent credit. We told the finance people our saga and so we had to go home and try and figure out what to do. When we got home, we had a message from Equifax or whomever. They were trying to call us at home to check if we were applying for a loan. WHich in itself is weird because we wouldnt be home if we were seeking a loan. Anyways, because we werent home to tell them yes or now, they declined it. Just a little tidbit for you all to know. Of you apply for a loan during the credit monitoring timeframe, you may want to call Equifax and let them know what you are doing in advance as well as a phone number to call you on other than home.
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  • umm...sorry about the typos....
    Lisa Lisa
    Geez..I should really spell check, but then again, I assume I was a good typer. Sorry about the almost abusive amount of typos and mispells. LOL
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