12:37 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Lots of Factual Errors in the Article
    Radar Tech
    First, FAA radars are mostly 1990's through 2000's technology, not 1960's. Second, NextGen will be making extensive use of surveilance radars as well as over 800 ground based multilateration points...hardly the all satellite/GPS system that is being touted. Third, NextGen is several years behind schedule and well over $200 Million over budget. There's a whole lot of hype out there and lot's of money on the line. For entertainment, read some of the DOT Inspector General reports on NextGen.
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  • Always scarey when people make decisions in your field without experience
    Lisa Lisa
    ATC systems need to move forward..thats all well and good...but what I loathe and find scarey is the bobble heads that make these decisions. What are the qualifications of these people including the IG? Are they Controllers? For how long were/are they controllers to make decisions about ATC work? Just like it was some FAA bobble head's decision to put only one controller on a midshift at open airports..and who get blamed? The controller that was on his 4th midshift? It will be this way for this overhaul too. Controllers to be blamed for decisions of people who sit in an office with a view. Glad I left ATC work. Sometimes its just not worth it when they dictate the impossible and put your stellar career and publlic safety at risk.
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