4:26 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • 87 cents a day
    deployed decoy
    For part of the funding on this bill feds in DOD and VA will not receive for 2 more years a raise. 87 cents, that is about what I would have gotten overseas foreign loaction. This assumed the 0.5% rasie was reduced to 0.375 across the board so Locality Pay could be bumped up. A 28% reduction for taxes and health care that we all know wont go up for the next 2 years. Fed overseas do not receive any locatlity pay, not even RUS. Well State Dept figures Hi3 based on Washington DC for retirement. Mr elected official, I do NOT do a darn thing for 87 cents a day, nothing. So I offer you this. You keep said 87 cents and pay your staff with it. See how fast they get those letters answered to hungry feds.
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