8:31 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Those not happy...
    Time Bandit
    are more than welcome to leave, I'd be more than happy to take over your job. I used to be a Navy Contractor for 10 years, five years at the WNY. Was laid off in 2010 due to funding cuts, my salary was $49k. Now I am making $20k less and no benefits, lets see who of those in the gov't don't appreciate their jobs. There's more out here like myself, alot more than you think. Gov't employees have it made...stop whining!
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  • ?
    Let me get this straight. Time Bandit, tgn and others don't work for the feds but you all feel compelled to lecture us? In the alternate, might I offer a suggestion that instead of lectures, you step away from the PC, take the dog for a walk, work in your back yard or just stifle. Insults like these reduce us to the same level as our politicians and hyperventilating pundits. And in the end, we can be better than that, aren't we?
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  • Cry me a river
    Quit you crybabies. You can't be fired so be grateful you still have a job the rest of of us pay for.
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  • Re: Cry me a river
    It would appear you are the whining!
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  • Feds Can Be and Are Fired
    TGN: You are sadly misinformed. Federal employees can be and are in fact fired. It happens everyday. Ask the source of your information where they got it from. And when you say Fed salaries are paid by "us", who exactly is included as "us"? Newsfalsh! Fed employees pay income taxes. Generally at a higher rate than the general public in large part because they have nowhere to hide. Many in the general public are paid, at least partially, in cash. For these people, the temptation to underreport is great and the opportunity is there. Since Feds are paid by the govt, the IRS knows exactly how much they made. 51% of the public now pays no ($0)net income tax. It is unlikely many fed employees are in that 51%. Isn't it ironic that many of the same people who don't income pay tax complain that "their" tax money is being used to support fat cat Feds?
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  • Hey Stew
    I pay plenty of federal income tax dollars and frankly I'm tired of seeing that money wasted by an overbloated, duplicated, and entitled federal government. If you don't like to pay taxes then quit, welcome to the real world. Where is your source that 'many' people are paid at least partly in cash? I paid plenty of taxes when I worked as a 1099, my share and the share typically paid by the employer. Federal employees can hide income too. Tax deferred retirement plans, buy and sell stocks at a loss, buy a business and sell it for a loss, you have the same tools available to you as the rest of the people. Again, if you feel so constrained by your overbloated employer please do the rest of the taxpayers a favor and quit.
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  • Feds
    Actually, I'm a contractor. But I work with and have great respect and admiration for most Feds. Sure they have their share of losers collecting pay and dust as most large employers. But they don't deserve the bum rap they get or attacks.
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  • Hey TGN
    Feel free to apply for and get a federal job! You mad your choice about where you wanted to work...so live with it.
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  • Hmm
    The ratio of federal employees per 1000 is the lowest its been since 1950, yet there are more programs in place. Guess you didn't have an issue there tgn with OUR tax dollars going to bailout Chrysler, GM, mortgage banks, etc., when their private business model failed. Oh, and federal employees were called in to clean up and oversee their mess.
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  • Follow your own advice TGN
    SGT Pepper
    If you don't like how your taxes are spent, then quit. Leave. I hear Canada is nice, perhaps you'd be happier there.
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  • There are other considerations
    The private sector has been facing these issues for several years now. And along with no raises/pay cuts we have had benefits cut. I no longer will have health benefits when I retire except for medicare, if it is still there. Federal benefits look like a huge bonus from my point of view.
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  • Great!
    Sam B
    And when the private sector turns back around and starts growing, you'll come out here voicing your support for the public sector gaining those same benefits right? Federal employees are expected to cut back when the private sector cuts back. But when the private sector grows, no one ever supports federal employees getting those pay increases or anything...
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  • this is what they want
    Can't you tools all see this is what they want? The dumbing down of the workforce....leveling working conditions and compensation the common man (and woman) with workers in 2nd and 3rd world communist countries. Don't play their game. Insist that Capitalist countries like the United States return to the days when we had the common sense not to ship our jobs off to non-capitalist countries. You NEVER would have seen so much "Made in CCCP" during the cold war as you see "Made in China" today. Meanwhile, did you know there are feds and federal contractors that have to go in to work every day and fend off daily attacks from the same chinese brethren funded by all the "Made in China" garbage that's putting our private industry brethren out of work. We're all in this together. Expect more from your congressmen.
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  • My own experience
    Having been both private sector and public sector and always a taxpayer, I made much more $$ in private sector. I joined the Feds as a contractor 3 years ago and took a 50% pay cut from what I had been making in private sector. I was making more on unemployment than what they ended up paying...but wanted to go back to work. Now as a federal employee...I am only making 20K less than what I made as a private sector employee and working just as hard if not harder since I deal with the public. Hoping to at least catch up to where I was rather than where I should be. There are those "dinosaurs" that make too much $ for too little work for too long. Hopefully, they will move into extinction and quit giving those of us who do 120% a bad name...particularly those who bemoan the Feds that have never been in public service.
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