11:55 am, May 25, 2015

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  • shoot first ask questions later
    deployed decoy
    First if we can believe the news one of only four countries have the state sponsored ability to hack something like TSP (or Iran nuclear facilities). This short list does not include N. Korea. It does include Russia, Israel, UK and US. I feel pretty good we can shorten the TSP hacking to only 3 state sponsored terror groups, but I wont tell the one I eliminated from the usual suspect list. Then as the Army learned a few years ago. Anyone can use old fashion logon user name and password to the federal payroll site. One such Soldier using a very worm infested private computer darn near took DFAS down when the bad guys later used that logon information to drill pretty deep into the server stacks. The answer to this was to reinforce PKI encryption tied to US Govt smart ID cards logon. If someone needs to access MyPay from a home computer, they must use the on screen keyboard to select password information. Although a good enough worm might still see what you see on the screen, a key stroke logger cannot know what the person is selecting with a mouse as the password. I don’t give DoD very much credit often, but apparently they actually used a lesson learned in this resolve a few years ago. Why TSP did not take security precautions ahead of time is a darn good question for those killers to be asking. Elsewhere in the news today FAA and NTSB employees managed to complete a midair collision. This might take more heat off GSA, SS and now TSP. Given those irate trained killers and Senators referenced in todays story, might have to deal with grandmas commercial flight whacking the side of the Chrysler Building because apparently that obstacle is bigger and slower to get out of the way than a Piper PA28. Great comments (long but great) yesterday. I really like the ones about IMCOM and whistle blowers, they are so true it hurts.
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  • All is well?
    Heckuva roll we're on. While I hope that Mike is right, and that my personal info was not part of the hacked data, this is troubling for a few reasons. You can't just immediately transfer money out of the TSP, I've found the loan process lengthy and form laden. I don't see how that helps a crook, but maybe it would work for a patient crook. So, for anyone who's had a loan or withdrawal in the past month, how will TSP verify the actual receipt of that money? Assume anyone with a foreign bank account was theft? Maybe we're finding those TSP fees were too low because they went cheap on the barn door locks? I have many reasons to not like the TSP, this is just one more.
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  • free credit report
    deployed decoy
    Do not use the as advertised on TV link... but, annualcreditreport DOT com, does offer a really free annual report for all three major reporting agencies. I cant use it for reasons I have yet to figure out, might be because both VA and TSP data has been used by someone in that yurt to become me. One coworker got her report 2 days ago. Found a bogus ding on it and that error has been corrected raising her credit score in 2 days.
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  • False Reassurances
    From the article: "As of last week, the board that runs the TSP said there was no indication that any of the data — which in some cases included bank account routing numbers — had been 'misused.'" Really? How do they know this? Do they know that your Social Security number hasn't been sold to an illegal alien? Do they know that your SSN hasn't been used to open a phony credit card account? Nonsense. The "board that runs the TSP" has no knowledge whatsoever that your SSN hasn't been misused. All they are saying - all they CAN say - is that the money in your TSP account hasn't been raided. But anyone who thinks they can breathe a sigh of relief is living in a fool's paradise. The hackers are probably NOT interested in raiding your TSP account; they just want your name and SSN so they can use that information to steal in other ways. Mr. Causey, you're not doing your readers any favors by simply printing TSP board press releases. Why aren't YOU pointing facts like this out? You're a reporter; you should be asking the hard questions and demanding the hard answers, instead of making cutesy analogies about playing nude volleyball.
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  • TSP hacking who cares
    Who cares now that the federal layoffs and reorganizations are coming they are ditching everyone that has been discriminated against and filed an EEO complaint. The reorganizations are incredibly obvious as the favorites retain their positions but everyone else that is hated by the favorites are out the door - and the government gets to do it cheaply too! Layoffs offer an amount of money that hasn't been raised since the 1980s. Something like 25K not to come back to work for the government for 5 years. If you don't take the money you are left on unemployment for a percentage of what you make. There is no stopping this reorganization of ditching people they favorites don't like. The conspirators have been in charge for a long time and there is no unseating them.
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  • Lay Off
    To Teachersons. I am not sure what you are talkinga bout with the layoffs and the $25,000. Yes, if offered you can take the $25,000 for an early retirement or just to leave, but back in 1995 when my agency was talking RIF, the severance package was worth more than the $25,000 for me. Now that depends upon how long you have worked. But, since I was too young for retirement and didn't have the 25 years and any age, I decided to wait until they through me out. the RIF didn't happen and I have gotten promotions since then. If your agency is looking at RIFs, see what your severance package is before jumping on the $25,000. Now taking the $25,000 to retire when you qualify anyway is a different issue.
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  • TSP Hackers
    Harvey d. G.
    The big question: Why the wait from July 2011 to April 2012 to tell TSP participants? What about the contractor Serco Inc.? Somebody between the FBI, Serco and TSP are hiding something we will never know. Its a scary situation with our Social Security numbers, bank account numbers and God knows what else is in the hands of God knows Who. Yes, I was one that was tapped, breach, hacked or whatever you want to call it, and I do not feel to great about it. Not at all. Most of my life savings sit with TSP, and now I am supposed to sit tight and wait for some action by TSP. If they did not do any action before what should I expect now. I just want to know that if my money is missing from either my bank account(s) or my TSP account that the government will stand behind any losses to a TSP recipient(s) which includes me of course. I did have some problems a few months ago whereby USAA (a large insurance company and banking institution out of Texas) contacted me about charges to my credit card out of California and Texas. USAA credit cards were opened in my name and the bills were not paid. USAA was kind enough after a 2 month investigation to dismiss the charges against me. Supposedly, this could be from the TSA hackers. I never followed up to determine if USAA investigators found out who did it. In any case, like someone stated this TSA hacker group or person(s) has a hornet's nest on its back and better tail it. Once some congressional members get involved, hopefully, with this mess they might start a new type of TSP. Its unbelievable that TSP was not monitoring its contractor Serco. Better yet, I never knew that TSP had a contractor watching over my or our funds. Not Good!!! Whose Minding the Store!!!
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  • To Harvey
    If you have already had credit cards opened in your name, I would definately get with one of the credit checking agencies and just pay the annual fee. They have a variety of services, but just letting you know when a credit card is opened and when loans are applied for to a lot more. We do a fairly minimal package, but it is only like $28 a year. If I were you I would pay for a much more extensive checking package to make sure someone didn't mortgage your house and run with the money and leave you with a foreclosure you may not know about. Don't wait for a free offer, act now.
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  • Odd, but I have received no word
    Nothing from TSP or my agency about this. I would think they would 1) reassure and 2) provide free credit protection. But alas, nothing. Just crickets. It’s as if it only happened in the news.
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