1:58 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Tale of Two agencies
    The Secret Service scandal is an idiot on too much V8 juice. I beleive they have done this before but they usually wait until the President leaves the country before they engage in these activities. Too not pay is just stealing and they got called on it. Move on it's not worth the congressional time being spent on it. They need to handle real issues and this isn't one of them. GSA serves not real purpose and should be disbanded. The federal workforce that is forced to deal with GSA whine constantly about the mark up on purchases so they can get there cut. If we are truly in an economic crisis and we are they want to find a way to save Here! is a big one. Then we won't have to worry about these useless conferences and out of budget parties. We could have gotten a raise with just the money they've spent partying over the last 20yrs.
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