9:36 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Excuse me, do I have IDIOT written on my forehead?
    Lisa Lisa
    Thats what I would be asking if I were a USPS employee. Let me see if this GENEROUS offer of $15K is worth it. ....carry the 2..divide by 12. Um..NO. So not only have we witnessed lawmakers messing with retirees pay and lets not forget that any fed employee that had money in TSP over the last 6-7 years saw it plummet and are trying to still recoup..and lets add in to the mix that our fed healthcare benefits is always up for a good threat to pay in more. Oh! and I almost forgot..no ones hiring. So what idiot thinks $15K is something mouthwatering? What the heck is anyone supposed to do with that? So if someone were to take the buyout, they would have to most likely seek another job. These people who would take the buyout are at what age? Are they still viable? If young graduates cant find work, what makes anyone think a 50+ yr old could find work? Every thing we need to live has gone up in price: gas, your electric bills, groceries, med bills and medication,etc. Is your house paid off? Do you have money for a new AC or hot water heater should that go bad? Have money for a new car? These arent so challenging issues when gainfully employed but it all matters when you get older and you dont have additional income coming in. So, again I ask..what the heck will $15K do for anyone? What was their formula to figure this out? Werent there buyouts a few years ago (not necessarily USPS) of about $20K-$25K? Seems Uncle Sam is no longer the jet setter, he is fast coming in line with corporate america-screw the employees all the way out the door and keep screwin them long after they leave. By the way, I am not a USPS employee, but honestly, its a slap in the face nonetheless.
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