10:39 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Memorial Day
    Your mention of the placement of flags on the graves of our military brothers and sisters at Arlington and the picture of the cemetary triggered a reminder that many of America's fallen heroes are buried at locations far from home, indeed where they fell. That recalls the diplomatic exchange in the early 1960s between then-French President General Charles De Gaulle and Dean Rusk, JFK's Secretary of State. De Gaulle had decided to remove France from the NATO command structure and in the process sent a note to Rusk demanding that all US military personnel then stationed in France must leave the country. Rusk's repsonse was brief but eloquent: "Mon General, does that include those buried at Normandy?"
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  • Memorial Day
    Today is a reflection day for me.Time to remember Uncles,cousins,friends who are not here because of a hostile conflict.And also a day to thank fathers,brothers,sons who served and are still here.I wish all the protestors,politicans regardless of party,would take the time to realize/understand what sacrifices were made so their freedom of speech remains.I have little/no use for the standard Memorial Day politican speech which is delivered with little or no meaning other than gaining visibility/votes.
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