8:40 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Security and Damages
    Okay. The problem happened in April. It is now late May. When did the letters go out? If I am affected can I sue the contractor who is responsible for security? Are they going to say how it happened? Was there negligence?
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  • no you cannot
    deployed decoy
    Problem is this contractor is likely a subcontractor to XE, formaly Black Water. They are protected from you or I sueing them, just like the people they killed in the name of contracting out all US Govt work to keep DODs hands clean. Worse than all this their servers I think are in China, who we all know runs the US anyway. I just cant beleive this either. I only acess TSP from a .mil, I didnt do it... Some Soldier logged onto the DOD MyPay site a couple years ago with tracking cookies on their private PC and darn near wiped out DOD payroll. You would think we would learn from our mistakes. Im betting someone logged on to TSP with the same lack of home PC security and got the guys in the front door.
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  • Nice
    Sam B
    Nice piece of science fiction you wrote there. I'd like to purchase it when it comes out in book form.
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  • This Makes Four...
    Radar Tech
    The VA exposed my PID twice. The FAA did it at least once. Now, the TSP. Working for Uncle Sam is dangerous when it comes to keeping little things like your SSN private. First the 2nd year of the pay freeze and now this. Thanks Uncle Sam!.
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  • Well
    Sam B
    But we work for the taxpayer! The public has a right to know our SSN and other PII! It won't be long before that, along with our medical records, family vacation history (after all, that was paid with your salary, which was paid by tax money), and mortgage information are all on the Internet in a nice, searchable format!
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  • Why not notify people using email instead of mailing them a letter
    which could take longer?
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