2:11 am, May 27, 2015

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  • what about using mobile to improve the business of government
    Mark F
    so many productivity apps available, but we need White House leadership, sourcing, and architecture to drive agencies' changing of business ops. Seems lots of the strategy applies, but the milestones are all focused on creating more technology, not productivity of government employees? why is there no focus in the strategic milestones on agency use of mobile to improve operations of government?
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  • Another white paper strategy to justify the existence of the "Federal CIO"
    This is a load of bunk, and everyone who has any experience knows it. Congress isn't going to cede its perogative to fund initiatives and systems, and the CIO has no central funding for anything. If agency IT organizations, lack money, no amount of central or shared services, or mobile app initiatives are going to help anyone. This is just window dressing.
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