12:02 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • GAS firings
    Now does anybody really believe that anyone who has been fired is ever going to pay any of that money back?
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  • GSA Hiring?
    So now that GSA is virtually leaderless--Only an Acting Administrator, and down two Deputies, and 3 Regional Administrators at a minimum, I guess we'll start seeing a few vacancy announcements on www.usajobs.gov??? Let's see with COngress' insane Freeze, that means maybe only 2 folks can be hired to run the entire place now right, with 1 hire for evern 3 openings? Yeah THAT sounds like a plan! The lack of intelligent, experienced managers is the reason they GSA blew it in the first place. Career folks from tighter ships should be brought in to replace these bozos..My agency can't even say "Las Vegas" and NEVER sends more than 5 people to the same event! Who in the world didn't get that having 300 people in Vegas would be an ignorant choice! Their future earnings should be garnished for life to get the money back!
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  • Total breakdown of existing safeguards, internal controls in HR & Acqusitions Mgmt
    Overall, it appears that despite the existence of highly trained, well-paid, professional agency officials within the regional HR Office and the regional acquisition management office simply failed to raise any alarms on the improper and supposedly illegalities involving this conference procurement actions. Although not discussed in the IG’s report, failed performance by HR officials responsible overseeing, advising and guiding ALL employees including what role if any the regional Knowledge (Training) Officer staff played in enabling this “training” and awards fiasco need to be asked. Seems like all internal controls from the HR and Acquisition side of the regional house including at the agency headquarters level as addressed in the IG’s report simply and willfully disregarded procurement regulations. Discussions on this misconduct as with other recent incidents of misconduct are ALL failing to how and why did HR officials responsible for advising and guiding employees from engaging in improper and illegal activities at the agency and regional level fail to carry out their oversight responsibilities which could have and should have prevented employees from engaging in such misconduct. Could this be another red flag indicating another critical area of performance that HR Offices can no longer administer effectively due to other increased workload demands and priorities? Realignment of ethics and conduct programs away from HR Offices may serve to promote a more visible and effective program. Short of realigning this program away from HR Offices will result in one of two consequences. Keeping the program in HR Offices will continue the program as is – business as usual with more of the same results. On the other hand, ethics and conduct programs as administered by HR Offices could face the same reform involving two other underperforming programs also administered by HR Offices – the federal hiring and pay and classification programs both of which are openly and actively being lobbied to be dismantled by Chief Human Capital Officers and the Office of Personnel Management.
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