6:20 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Cost saving idea for Congress
    deployed decoy
    How about this to pay more of the debt on the backs of federal employees while we work more for less. You only get MLK off if you can prove you are a direct descendent of an African slave brought to the Americas prior to 1865. You only get Presidents day off if you are directly related to either Lincoln or Washington (or work in a location, state or city named after either). You only get Veterans day off if you are a veteran of a foreign war (note this does not apply to active duty military who must work that day since officially they are not vets yet). To get Columbus day off, you must be 1/8 or more Native American living on tribal land, since it is all Columbus fault the white man (well maybe some of Hispanic descent from Spain) destroyed your culture and religion. The kicker, to get Memorial day off, naturally you must be dead. Now enjoy your day off next Monday congress, since the public views everyone of you as certifiably brain dead.
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  • Amusing
    Mike, I just wanted to say that your columns are whimsical and amusing....I look forward to reading them each day. Your wit and humor and gentle sarcasm "hits" right on the mark. You keep it real!! Thanks for the daily dose of reality.
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