6:56 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Oops!
    Jolie, you might want to inform NASA that their manned spaceflight program has come to an end. Last I checked, they are still hiring astronauts and sending them into space.
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  • Yes, humans still going to space
    Hi orbital1970, You are right! NASA's shuttle program has ended but technically humans will still go up into space. I have changed that language to be more accurate. Thanks for the comment!
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  • Space relic storage-helper wanted!
    angry eagle
    An interesting story about an interesting career, if this is now a permanent job. If a permanent federal job, this woman had a Federal grant given to her by her mother-in-law so she could study a problem the mother-in-law federal manager needed to know the answer to in order to better do her job. So a no-bid grant was prepared for her son's wife to do a study on these materials. Was she then hired as an expert in to a non-compete position by her mother-in-law? Is this a lifetime position? At what grade level or salary? This sounds so like the DC area federal employment policies we have all come to know and expect....and sometimes even hate.
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