5:17 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Some one wakes up.
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    I was shocked when the Army lowered its standard so criminals could enlist in the Army. WHAT in the world did they think would happen. Hire thugs you get thugs. We need to start the draft back up. Everyone then would be able to defend our freedom and be proud of it. Is two years too much to give for the great coutry we have. I am a retired US ARMY and disabled Viet Nam vetern. LET me be clear on this.. Do you know what we gave for our countey. What it coust us. This .Our arms legs ,eyes, minds, hands feet.Yes all gave some and some gave all their very life. That is what it caust us vets. WHO in the world started the let the trash and thugs get in the US ARMED FORCES. cOULD ANYONE TELL ME. Let us all have a look at this person.
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  • I don' t know who. But, I do know..
    that it's been going on for a very long time. As an ex-Air Force recruiter in the early 80's, I gave the Army a lot of applicants with criminal records, drug use, etc... Plus, the way the Army treats their recruiters, it's no wonder they took applicants with shady backgrounds..had to make those numbers.
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  • Just like Wallmart
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    You get what you hire.
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  • Military Pay
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    One fool Specialist left her LES on my desk. I shredded it after I wrote down a few numbers. These are based on an E4 with 5 years of service and one dependent (single mom I understand). These numbers do NOT include a $34,800 tax free reenlistment bonus. They do include a tax free COLA for the hardship location of Kuwait. The difference here is she is permanent duty, lives in private room with a full bath she shared with one other lady, and a small kitchen area shared. Commanders of much higher rank living in tents do not receive the COLA because they are deployed, nor do anyone in the three combat brigades we got out of Iraq and have in tents in the Kuwait desert. These Brigades as promised have left Iraq... The completely tax free salary she is receiving in Kuwait is $51,729/Yr or greater than the base overseas salary for a federal GS11 step 1 (who pays federal and possibly state income tax). This includes on a monthly basis, $1023 housing based on Ft Hood TX, $385 for food (reduced by $297 as she is ordered to eat in the chow hall), $100 hardship duty location (note the private bath above), $225 danger pay (note US State Dept ended all federal employee danger pay for Kuwait in December 2008 when they called the war over), $358.79 COLA (paid apparently since the overpriced PX is the only shop military can shop at since they are all locked down on base), and $250 Separation Allowance (note some feds get a higher SMA as a tax free incentive to be here, most do not). Besides some debts I dont want to know about and the food deduction, her only deduction on pay was $27 a month for $400,000 life insurance. Just to be fair I also figured all this on the assumption no war zone incentives were paid (say back in TX), but added in 25% for the always tax free $1,408 food and housing money as if it was a taxed earned income. Even back home she makes about the same as a RUS GS9 step 1 at $48,318 a year, and this does not include whatever the tax free COLA is for Ft Hood TX, bumping up the housing allowance and as noted about something like $10k a year inreup tax free bonus. Not too shabby for an underpaid military member of junior rank and 5 years on the job. Then two single mom contractors (both deployed at least twice on active duty getting out with between 6 and 8 years on duty) I work with are both giving up the big bucks as contractors in Kuwait to accept GS9 step 1, VRA positions back in the USA. I asked them both why they got out in the first place. That all asside, Welfare to Work is still an option to head off a draft for the military.
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