2:09 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Do it all ...
    Congress approaches the debt backwards. Rather than find common ground which no will result in small tax increases and small revenue cuts they should take the worst case each side would like to propose. The current deal is for about $600 Billion over 10 years. That is no small chunk of change but it barely dents a $16 Trillion debt. If debt is such a big issue ... go big ... and solve it.
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  • Hey Congress ... this is easy ...
    So there was still no final agreement on the income level above which decade-old income tax cuts would be allowed to expire? 1) President Obama agreed to boost the top 35 percent tax rate rise to 39.6 percent on earnings over $400,000, ($450,000 for couples). Do it! As for taxing large inherited estates...get in touch with the constituancy! Republicans want the tax left at its current 35 percent, with the first $5.1 million excluded, while Democrats want the rate increased to 45 percent with a smaller exclusion. The 98% find this figure appauling! Make the excluded threashold $1.5 million (which is more than ample for regular folks) and be done with this! Protecting the first $5.1 million is excessive! How do you not see that? Everyone should be putting their full payroll deductions into Social Security again now! The 2% tax BREAK, was just that a BREAK! Not a FOREVER UNTIL THE END OF TIME reduction. I for one think it is ridiculous that people think if we continue to reduce wht we put into that that it won't speed Social Security's failure! These Congressmen need to wake up and THINK like a regular Joe for once! I hope they all lose their jobs in the next election! They are an embarassment to the human race!
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