6:24 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Cronyism/Nepotism
    Sorry, but all I see in this article is sheer signs of cronyism and nepotism. The two MAJOR cancers that is viral throughout the Pentagon and DoD! Do you really honestly believe the son and daughter would achieve such high level positions without daddy's influence? I wonder how many fully qualified applicants they brushed to the ground with their Daddy's influence! I work at a Navy base outside the beltway... Cronyism, Nepotism and primarily favoritism is so bad it is destroying careers of employee who wish to be mobile to move ahead. Because they come as an outsider and do not "toe-the-line" to the good-ole-boy club... they get black-balled inside and out! DoD is a large employer, but a small community... I have seen great employees careers ruined just from a few certain individuals rhetoric about the person. When I came to this base in 2000, most upper level GS14/15's and SES's all shared the same last name. Over time that has changed a bit... but they are still part of the good ole boy club... and yes, my career is ruined because of this cronyism, nepotism and favortism...
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  • "DOC' Cooke
    While I never had the honor of working for Mr. Cooke, I can assure you and all who read Mr. Causey's article that I never met a more ethical, honest, efficient person during my 32 years of Federal Sertvice in the DoD. While "Spanky" may feel he was wronged, I can assure you that for that person to even suggest that Mr. Cooke in even the slightest way engaged in nepotism is pathetic. Typical comment by people who comment on things like this. Guilty by inference but unsubstantiated by fact. Mr. Cooke served at the "pleasure" of the Secretary of Defense, and I couldn't begin to count how many Democratic and Republican SECDEFs he served. To impugn Mr. Cooke and his son and daughter without fact is the sign of a sick mind.
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  • Mike's grammar
    Is it "whose" or "who is"? I'm not sure they are interchangeable. As for the nepotism, Remember the Ford F150 plant in Norfolk? good luck trying to get a job there (before it closed)without knowing somebody in the UAW. That's why when it was closed many locals were not upset because they couldn't get jobs there anyway.
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  • Mike is correct
    Sam B
    He used "whose" toward the beginning to denote posession. And he used "who's" a little later to contract "who is". He was right both times.
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  • Mike has been corrected!
    Appears that the article was edited based on my comment, because the first "Who's" was previously "whose". Appears that I am an honorary editor for the day.
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    It's to bad people still say that Doc's efforts might have saved lives. HIS ACTIONS DID SAVE LIVES. It was well known that Doc refused to accept money from Congress for Pentagon renovation until they provided funding to upgrade the exterior "E" ring for many different crisis. Some say the renovation could have started years before and finished years earlier had Doc not been so stubborn and refused money that Congress provided earlier. There are hundreds if not thousands of families who did not loose family members that day in the Pentagon because Doc's efforts bought them the time to survive. His foresight ensured every mission performed in the Pentagon was reestablished and operational within minutes. The SECDEF put out a public request for the building to remain open the next day and for employees to return and make the staetment we were not defeted, because of the confidence everyone had in Doc Cooke everyone who could did return to work. History has proven his actions to be 100% on target. Doc was the Mayor, he was someone I saw around but never knew, but his influence and examples of doing the right things for the right reasons still influence operations in the Pentagon today. Many people feel Federal Government Service is a scam because you see many families employed in Federal Agencies. They don't understand that serving America as an employee is not a job, that its not a financial path to riches and its not a fraud. It's a dedication to administering government, it is being involved in history and supporting those leaders who influence and create history for the best interests of America. Most people are on the sidelines of history taking advantage of profits, stock options and other people for personal gain. People like Doc Cooke are the real examples of Federal employees. His family is an example of many who once involved and dedicated to National service find the person values more rewarding than the personal gains of private industry. I thank God I worked in the Pentagon while Doc was the Mayor, and I pray his family will have a safe, healthy and active retirement for their dedication, service and participation in history.
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  • David O. Cooke
    Steve B.
    I had the pleasure of working for Doc Cooke (albeit briefly) at the Pentagon during my federal career. He (and his children) were dedicated public servants in the best sense of the phrase. In honor of Doc and his wife Marion, his children suggested and we at FEEA implemented a memorial scholarship in their honor. We are working hard to endow this effort and are currently awarding a $3,000 scholarship to a federal employee family member each year. For more information on this effort see www.FEEA.org. Steve Bauer FEEA Executive Director
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