11:33 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Advanced Technology
    “…We are really transforming the agency from a paper-based agency to...an online environment. It's a very complex and challenging effort. It's something that other organizations have not succeeded in accomplishing, whether in the public or private sector," Complex and challenging, sure. But the claim that no other organizations have succeeded in this? Odd: Most online transactions are…well...online. No paper. “…with the ultimate goal, of course, being naturalization,..” Is that truly the ultimate goal for all visitors to the States? Maybe we just want to visit or work a bit without going for "the full monty"? “…a significant time savings of 15 percent to adjudicate cases….” Fifteen percent. After Years and Billions. This is less than impressive. How many other businesses make customers queue up months for routine changes, charge hundreds or thousands of dollars, and take years to roll out such advanced functionality? Perhaps few, because normally, such a business would be crushed by competitors. Good thing the The Government has money to burn. Other people's money.
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