11:57 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Miliitary diversity
    Well, I certainly hope that this "diversity mandate" won't result in troops coming home in body bags because of operatioanal errors committed by a senior officer orginally chosen for combat command due to his/her meeting politically correct diversity selection criteria rather than having actual demonstrated tactical/strategic expertise. Again, we have polticians who are clueless about the demands of military life in combat scenarios seeking to impose non-merit based criteria for senior commander selection purposes. It's bad enough when this happens in the DoD civilian milieu, but lives could well be very easily jeopardized by corrupting the military advancement process through imposition of such PC criteria for command selection in combat arams outfits in particular. I suppose DoD will then console the grieving wives, parents, and siblings of those who may wind up paying the ultimate price for poor command decisions by a PC-based selectee as senior commander by saying that they died for diversity's sake.
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  • You got it right
    The Original Joe S
    They put in place some feckless incompetent because of conspicuous minorityhood above and beyond the call of duty. The troops have to work harder to accomplish the mission IN SPITE of these bozos. Been There, Seen That. PC morons should be executed.
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