4:39 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Does this hurt
    deployed decoy
    I use to be a first responder, well a ski patroller better at tree extradition then cutting a wrecked car in half. No one ever called the AMA on me when I asked, does this hurt. How about this does it hurt here. Now this, does this feel good, really good. It is all about perception or possibly recreational drug use. I was not a cop, you know more akin to here to help, people would tell me if they were recreating most times. Not a whole lot of difference these days, as a recreational congress (exempt from potty tests) tells us everything they do is for our own good and well the paying (er voting) public of course. I want a politician standing naked on the stump (maybe a little spandex to protect the children). Who campaigned on the platform of exposing every elected officials entire extended families assets, earnings and holdings. The same person promising to put a lien on every congress person (tax write off) vacation house in DC since they are only there a few weeks a year.
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  • Should your dog see you sans pants?
    Reinaldo Luis A.
    I am a retired Federal civil servant and am making the following comments and observations: 1) My salary came from federal funds. The public has a right to know how their money is being spent. I personally was underpaid for the work I was doing compared to other departments and agencies and contractors employed by my agency. 2) Military pay scales are regularly published. The military does not hide their rank/grade nor is it difficult to hide the number of years in service. Those two pieces of information determine the salary. I don't see the military up in arms about the public knowing how they are paid. 3) A lot of times hard working civil servants are forced to carry 'dead wood' co-workers. Managers should be challenged to answer why the 'dead wood' is paid their salaries. Releasing the information makes that easier. 4) The released salary information makes it easier to counter the nonsense published by anti-government and conservative 'think tanks' that accuse the Federal civil service of being overpaid. I recently watched a Fox News round table discussion and the 'pundits' griping about the salaries were totally clueless about the salaries and the composition of the civil service itself. They were merely parroting what they heard from other ignorant individuals.
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  • military pay
    deployed decoy
    Military pay is NOT disclosed in full. An Army CPT (O3) PCS to Kuwait makes an extra +$500 tax free a month in COLA. The same CPT DEPLOYED to Kuwait gets zip in COLA. Add in tax free housing, child care, food money, PX and federally funded grocery shopping and the pay for an E6 SSGT is higher than a GS11. Factor in the 1.7% raise for 2013, WIC, food stamps and other federal funds like free child care all based on basic pay and we start to see the US military as the best paid fed in the business. I dare anyone to figure out the total pay package for any service member, in take home pay and perks. Impossible.
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  • Confusing military Pay
    Looks like the confusion is working to your advantage right now. To me it's more proof the system is broken.
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  • Reply
    Since you are retired, it would not matter to you. Even though the public has the right to know how its money is spent, it does not have the right to know an individual's salary. I have no problems publishing the GS and any other scales.Releasing the so called dead wood salaries will not encourage managers to answer for the dead wood as they will not be labelled dead wood. Further, I can guarantee that it does not matter to the radical right whether the salaries are or are not published. We are pariahs to them. And fox garbage (some might call it news) id grossly biased against us.
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  • Not crazy about this
    Milo Cook
    I guess on one hand I don't mind - the fact is, if anyone knows my pay grade and step, they already know what I make. What makes this different is - the United States DOES NOT OWN THE INTERNET. Anyone in the whole world can look this up. It's one thing to claim that taxpayers have the right, but everyone on the planet does not. The way this is set up, you don't even need to be a human being to get the data. You could be a computer program. If people wish to find out, I have zero problem with them submitting their request properly through proper channels.
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  • Wonder what average is without
    I wonder what the "average" Federal Salary is, if you take out all the appointment officials (are they even included here?), elected officials, Doctors and Lawyers such as at the CDC, VA, SEC, DOJ, etc. And the Government Czars (are they employees or not?). If you take all of those people out, even leaving in Agency heads, what does the "average" salary drop to? The list of the top 20 highest paid federal employers were all doctors. Not that I don't think they are necessary, they may be, but they sure up the average for the rest of us.
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  • Reply to Luis A Reinaldo on Should Your Dog See You Sans Pants?
    I am also a retired long time federal civil servant and while agreeing with Mr. Reinaldo's premiss that everyone has a right to see how taxpayers dollars are being spent, there are misconceptions in his statements. First, all pay plans and their pay tables, including military, are public record available to anyone and always have been. The individual military pay record for officer and enlisted have never been release to the general public. The general public does not know that besides the general pay table that all the additional bonuses that are paid to the serviceman, e.g., housing, signup, retention, combat pay, medical doctors stipend, country COLAS, etc. Second, civil service information has been in the public data base for a long time. The Washington Post used to provide annually the information site where you could type in anyone's name, agency, pay plan and grade and you could see their annual bonus. But only the bonus was shown but not actual pay.
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