4:49 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Yesterdays news
    deployed decoy
    I used that link provided yesterday in one of the first posts. I found two people with the same name as mine working for the Govt. One poor guy working at Dept of Justice as a GS15 lawyer... But no matter how I spelled my name (they have the first name wrong anyway in my records) I didnt show up. Neither did a close friend with a unique name back in the states. So I am thinking Army did something right for once and didnt release our 1974 Privacy Act PII to the planet. Or just maybe we all need to add a 3 to our names legally and just tell people we give our name to, the 3 is silent.
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  • Who is security related
    deployed decoy
    I would argue that working for Defense is not security related at all. Nr 1 point to make is a DOD Top Secret clearance will not get you a job replacing batteries in Forest Service handheld radio, those radios take a HLS Top Secret clearance to work on. Thus I would argue even the most low level fire fighter is more vital to national security than the Secretary of Defense who cannot be briefed by HLS, because he is a security risk by HLS definition. Nr 2, being naturally 99% of defense information is derived from CNN or BBC news, without such vital Intel defense would be blind (and they get to watch TV all day). Course the other guy working for Army with my name, I know because I receive contract sensitive and restricted email all the time aimed for him, did not show up either when I checked my our name today. Course one lady yesterday gripped her husband was going to use his new found source of her new found wealth as a reason to go back to court to get his child support payments reduced. She was not happy her secret was out. As I noted yesterday, come on Mr John Public and work in Afghanistan for around $41k a year as a GS9, it is such a windfall you know. Well I guess when you add in the free cot in a tent, gym use, and free popcorn at free movies, there are perks that would upset the most staunch supporter of the war effort.
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  • Congress Smellin a Whole Lot Like Some BAD CEOs We Hear About
    Lisa Lisa
    Again..its the hypocracy of it all..isnt it? The movers and the shakers..or is it law makers? Anywhooo brilliant are they at brain storming relevance of necessary laws sometimes even bringing their own pitchforks for inspiration. Now in case you didnt know..Congress are VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. I repeat VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. They make laws that are good for you and me. They are SUPREME SMARTNESS. Now I am sure some brainstorming meetings took place to talk about FOIA. At some point, one of them had to say "HEY!! I know!!! If someone asks for a federal employee's salary-GIVE IT TO THEM! We (Thats SUPREME SMARTNESS folk), dont care WHY you want to know, we wont even ask-just fill out that lil form and we will GLADLY provide the information! This is the brilliance of people we vote in to office..no really..they are. Never mind we live in a world of hackers & ID thefters, but to have Uncle Sam provide the segway to these folks..its INSANE! Why does ANYONE need to know SPECIFICALLY by NAME how much an employee makes just for S&Gs? But the BEAUTY of this is that those that MADE this law arent up for grabs themselves and they are the ones that have been the TAKERS not the SHAKERS. They are the CHEATERS. They are the Tax EVADERS. (somewhere there is a rap in this) and they are protected from exposure! BRILLIANCE! PURE BRILLIANCE! They smack of bad CEOs to the likes of ENRON.
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  • Column Substitute
    Kenny Ray
    Mike, no disprespect for your column reprints when you are on vacation, but next time you go away, give JoAnn a shot at writing the column for a few days, she hit the nail on the head with her comment on disclosing salaries. Well said and she covered all the bases.
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  • salaries are public
    I admit to looking many up and discoverd no surprises except for some bonuses. If you know someone's grade and about how long they've worked for Uncle, you can pretty much guess their income. Of course, you can also see the results of managers choosing not to promote some people by seeing the near-poverty level the non-promoted folks are even after years of service. With a Congress loaded with members much more interested in limiting abortion rights in DC, waging a war on women, and focusing only on getting President Obama out of office than doing something about jobs and the economy, I can see why they don't want their salaries made public. Why whould constituents see what their Representative is being paid to be a self-righteous bully? Yes, lots of anti-fed groups will mine this data and turn it on us. That simply once again emphasizes the importance of voting the Haters and Imperial Ones out of office. We can't control our salaries being made public, but we can remove the anti-feds from office and discontinue their salaries altogether.
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  • Show and Tell
    30 and counting
    In response to Joann's comments: Some of the folks whose salaries are not published are kept hidden not only because of national security, but also for their own security. IRS employees, for example, have been known to have disgruntled taxpayers hunting them down, filing bogus judgments against them in the local courthouse, or delivering a pile of dog doo-doo to their front lawn. Many of those employees are absent from Facebook and the local phone book for just that reason. Some use pseudonyms at work to remain anonymous for their safety and the safety of their families. It would behoove you to find out the reason for their absence from the salary website before you assume. As to your right to know the wages paid at every place you spend your money, I think the logic there is a bit flawed as well. Most places where you spend money, you do so voluntarily and you have the right not to spend your money there if you don't like the way they run their business. The public who pays into the federal coffers do so from their taxes without much say-so as to how the money is spent and they have every right to know how much money federal employees as a whole are paid. I will agree, however, that individual salary amounts should not be made public.
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  • 30 and counting is correct
    30, you are 100% correct about why IRS salaries shouldn't be public. I know people who have had lien filed against their houses and their credit scores toasted. You have to get all that fixed, and while fixable, it is time consuming to do so. The people were not happy. My brother works for NASA and his salary is also not posted. Some of this is if you know someone's salary and can find out where they live, you can easily find out if they are living close to the wire or over their heads and are suseptable to Bribes. Not good knowledge to have out there.
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