5:24 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Posting FED Salary/Bonus Data
    I've thought about this for awhile.I don't think salary/bonus data should be published.Why?Privacy and vulnerability.You can post name,job title,GS series,grade and step but stop it there.Private industry salary/bonus data is confidential.In most private firms,discussing salary is frowned upon.And exempting our congressional "geniuses" is totally out of line.It's amazing how their financial disclosures are so flexible;e.g. stocks worth between $100k and a million.
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  • Here's the link again...
    It's kind of ridiculous that the link was deleted. There are multiple sites that provide access to this data. How can people objectively evaluate it if they can't see what it looks like. http://php.app.com/fed_employees11/search.php
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  • Who not listed?
    I've found several people who should not be listed and are based on the exclusion criteria.
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  • Thanks for posting JoAnn's comments
    I would nominate for a guest writer job but the outside employment form might not get approved.
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