11:02 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Talk about a double standard
    Yes I have heard the argument before that federal workers are paid with tax dollars which come from the people. However, private companies are paid with dollars from the people though, through buying products and owning stock. If I were to do that request with company I own stock with, I would be laughed out of their office. If I pushed further, I would probably have the legal hounds released on me. If it is good for the goose it is good for the gander. The same rules about disclosure should apply to both the public and private sector. (For those of you that say that tax dollars are taken and distributed without consumer choice, there are billions of dollars that go to defense contractors that hide behind the private sector protection. They have the best of both worlds, big profits (that are tax payer funded) and the ability to control what is released. Is that really fair?)
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  • Elvis has left the Building
    There is so much personal info out there already, having federal pay info out there is just another hole in the wall. And much of it is done by you. Check Facebook and you can find personal photos and daily diatribes. Google your own name and what do you find? Some states have court info on line, where you can find out about DUI's, foreclosures, divorces, etc including birthdays. Credit bureau checks, available for a small fee, can tell you about mortgages, credit cards, vehicles, monthly payments, late payments, etc. Why do you see commercials about protecting yourself from identity theft? Some agencies have internal search sites to locate employees that already provide name, title and grade. Privacy? Unless you're Amish or looking to sublet the Unabomber's shack in Montana, the info is out there. And you can find congressional salaries in a couple clicks.
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  • Security?
    Interesting who they decide to highlight. False financial accusations can suspend a security clearance. This is really dangerous game that is being played here.
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  • No surprise here
    Those of us who work for the government knows how much each other makes. And those who don't work for the fed can easily find out what their neighbor might be making by checking the OMB salary table.
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  • Privacy Act, FOIA and Fair Information Privacy Principles
    As part of a financial disclosure for security clearance reasons, information is provided regarding specific stocks, bonds, trusts I may have. Since I do not procure anything, I view this information as a Need to Know Conflict of Interest kind of thing. Do Federal Employees have a court case here for the change in disclosure rules for violating our privacy rights? Any attorney interested in a class-action lawsuit here?
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