8:31 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Shocking!!
    Big Joe
    I'm just shocked and amazed that CONgress failed to act on a solution! That response is really not like them! Usually, as seen most recently in the budget, they are swift to react to a crisis and respond in a manner that reflects their concern.
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  • USPS
    They may not be losing their jobs but being cut from 8 hours to 6 or 4 or 2 doesn't pay the bills. Better to be laid off! Tell the union to SHUT UP about Saturday delivery. We do not need it!
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  • CAfed, wrong
    Contract agreements state that anyone with 6 or more years cannot be laid off. However, PO would assign one to a new/differnet work location so far away from your home to make it miserable to travel the distance for an 8 hour day. Congress has micro-managed the PO for too many years and "Big Joe", a stamp tax has been assessed for anyone using the PO since it became the "Service" in 1971. Response, baloney!
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