4:05 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Happy for NASA
    Now NASA can really focus on it's core mission of Muslim outreach.
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  • SpaceX Launch
    This would be great news if the space station had any useful purpose other than generating propaganda for politicians and keeping NASA bureaucrats employed and on track for their big retirement benefits. There is very little science being done at the station now, and the cost is enormous.
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  • Bad for tax payers
    I suggest we use it for target practice.
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  • Wrong term
    The capsule will be birthed to the station, not docked. To dock would mean that it would be doing it under it's own power and direction. Since the station is grappling it and attaching it the correct term is 'birthed'.
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  • Adjust your expectations
    Yes you are correct, they used the wrong term. Get used to it, things will only degrade from here. When you start putting political science graduates in charge of a space agency your not going to get technically correct language.
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  • NASA Secure Engineering
    Folks this idea of outsourcing engineering tasks that SHOULD be handled at NASA is a BAD IDEA. How many NASA engineers were dumped out on the street in the last few years? How much American brain-power is now sitting idle due to NASA's political bobbing and weaving; the direct result of orders from the DC elite who constantly bemoan the dwindling number of smart-phonified college students lacking in math and science skills yet casually dump their engineering ancestors into the tar pits of unemployment to watch them become fossils long before their time? Those in power need to rethink the outsourcing of NASA engineering jobs based mission-sensitivity and cyber-security... among other reasons.
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  • NASA Engineers
    AegisClass, you are assuming that any of the original NASA geniuses who designed the space program are still there. Actually, they have been gone for decades. The former NASA engineers/bureaucrats who are now unemployed deserve to be. The creative people left long ago and today you can count on NASA being able to do less with more. The NASA slogan for the past 20 years has been "Keep STS flying!" Why? There has been nothing innovative coming out of NASA for a long time.
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  • Just one more thing that will have to be fixed next year
    Four years of BHO has tried to kill the American spirit, but it gonna take more than him to stop our creativity. If Congress could actually commit to completing a program and funding the program to completion we might see some amazing things out of that agency again. At this point they do not have a real mission, the SLS program is supposed to keep them busy until the election when Ms. Garver can kill SLS just like she killed the Constellation program.
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