10:13 am, May 27, 2015

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  • The reason why America does not have a chance
    deployed decoy
    Yahoo CEO netted at least $7.3 million (excluding $5M in limbo in stock options, for 130 days on the job or about $56,000 a day, including weekends off. Not bad for a fraud, cheat and 1% elitist. This is the reason 99% of US businesses do not have retirement plans or health insurance for the 99%. As Mike referenced about cows, us feds are those milked dry Jerseys, while congress are the $100,000 per shot, race horse studs. California may very well go down before PIIGS. BBC today reported the worlds 9th largest economy (bigger than Italy) is whacking state workers to 4 day weeks. The USA can afford to lose CA, I suggest all federal funds are cut off immediately to CA. The up side, they would be would not be subject to federal income tax, and would not receive US (domestic) Mail. The down side they would lose representation in the US Congress and could not vote in federal elections, wait would that be a down side. Mod, here is the link to the White House Memo, signed by Obama authorizing the USA to defend Kuwait and Saudi right to keep, rape and kill slaves for 2011. The law is referenced in this Memo, enjoy the truth justice and American way. http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/09/30/presidential-memorandum-trafficking-persons The American Kuwait Embassy under the News and Event Tab has some very good bathroom break reading material on TIP, Human Rights and Religious freedoms (or not).
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  • Huh???
    Big Joe
    I can usually put one hand on the guardrail and try to follow you down the road, but you totally lost me today! Not one word you wrote ties back to the TSP or Roth TSP!! I honestly think its time.......
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  • Joe
    deployed decoy
    I did the TSP Roth discussion thing before it was FNR. Mikes story today forgot a few critical TSP Roth things. Like holding it 5 years and until 59 1/2. TSP Roth wont do anyone any good if they are in the final 3 or going to retire and might tap TSP before 59 1/2. I was just ranting today, as Mike noted, many private sector companies do not offer retirement packages. They are cash strapped,to busy feeding the greed of the CEO and Wall Street. CA on the other hand is a prime example of where the rest of us are going to be long before TSP ever pays a cent to US. The link is for MOD, who refuses to beleive in federal laws of the land.
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  • Roth TSP fatal flaw
    Once again no one mentions the lack of investment options. Folks they're selling the sizzle but there's no steak there. Do your Roth elsewhere.
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  • Individual Mandate
    If people are up in arms about an individual mandate to buy health insurance (from somewhere not of their choice), than why do they keep telling us that we need to buy more and more savings accounts and retirement plans? Why would I want to "buy" a Roth anything? Why is the American worker and the American federal worker always told that if you don't have enough money in retirement, you should have bought all these things? It is my right to NOT buy a "Roth" anything, and to NOT buy a big saving account and to NOT buy a TAP 529 plan for each kid, just like I don't have to buy broccoli - as the tea baggers say. For one thing, where is the money for all this? I am to put big money in savings, big money in my TSP (because after all the FERS plan is only 20% when others are getting 60%), and I'm supposed to put big money into a TAP 529 for each kid, and I'm supposed to put big money into a "Roth" this and that. No! I don't have the money! Remember under NSPS? Formerly GS-04 white collar workers started at 16K! Not enough money to drive a junker and live in mom's basement! I'm sure that the posts here today are correct in that part of being the 1%, that makes it the 1%, is knowing how to steal money and the wages of labor LEGALLY - and it is all over for the American worker if they want to benefit from their labor - they can't. The only question is what is next.
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  • 1% er ... Really?!?
    Amazing that a discussion on taking control of your retirement planning, becomes an artificial platform for the oppression of labor and 1%'ers. Really? If you don’t like your job and pay, better yourself to advance in our free market based country.
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  • Medical insurance should be mandatory
    First, you are not required to participate in the TSP. It is a good idea for you to do so because, if you are FERS, the government will match up to 5% of your contributions (simplified) Thus, if you do not do it, you lose money. Second, can you live on your FERS pension and social security? If so, you do not need TSP. Consider that very carefully. As far as getting medical insurance, if you get seriously ill and incur a major hospital expense, who is going to pay for it? The hospital must treat you. Why should the hospital have to incur this unreimbursed expense. Medicaid does not reimburse properly. This is the reason why medical insurance should be mandatory.
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  • TSP and the ability for instant trades
    It's amazing in this world where Iphones, smartphones, etc provide instant access for nearly everything, that federal employees still have to wait 24 hours or more to move TSP funds around. I remember the days when it took 2-4 weeks to move funds. But c'mon, this is 2012! Why is this important? Because if S&P futures are up 10 this morning, there is a high probability that the market is going up today, not tomorrow. To the contrary, if something occurs in the world that impacts the market, like JP Morgan reporting a 2 billion dollar loss, and S&P futures go down 12 this morning, it would be great to move TSP funds into the G fund instantly to protect the nest egg. You have to remember the "nest egg principle."
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  • Timing
    The problem is they could be up in the morning and down in the evening. All our trades process at closing time. Alot happens in between.
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  • No 401(k)s in Private sector?
    I don't know where Mike is getting that there are no 401(k)s in the private sector. I would like to see hard numbers on that. Everyone I know either has a 401(k), many with a better match that I get, or have access to one and don't contribute. Which is their own fault............................. As far as getting a ROTH IRA on the private side, either said than done for DINKS. Make too much money, so no can do. I am looking forward to putting some of my money in a ROTH TSP. I have minimum of 5 years to retirement, and most likely 11 - 12 years......................As far as not being able to afford to put into a TSP, let me ask you a couple of questions.....Is your house bigger than 1,100 square feet? do you have more than 1 car? Do you have more than 1 kid? How many big screen TVs do you have? Do you have cell phones and a land line? If the answer to these are Yes, Yes, Yes, more than 1 (that you paid cash for), Yes, then those are personal choices. You can cut back on the luxery items (kids are included in this) and put money into a retirement account. Or learn to like chili every night as there may be no Welfare to bail you out when you retire at the way the government is currently spending.
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