4:51 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Slaves are NOT Free
    deployed decoy
    http://thecnnfreedomproject.blogs.cnn.com/2012/05/13/nepalese-dying-to-work/?hpt=hp_c1 This is for MOD to read. It is your buddy Obama that signed the law Sept 2011 extending for another year, America protecting Kuwait and Saudi right to keep, rape and kill their slaves. The story of Kumari is repeated every day here in Kuwait. Heck our federal housing manager, after sending racist comments more than 2 years ago, busted in on one person resulting in an accidental death last year.
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  • I will not waste my time with your nonsense.
    Your loaded and nonsense comments, even when readable, which is rare, are not worth bothering with. I doubt that there was any law passed with the wording you described. Why don't you come back with what the law really says? I read your previous comment in this section. It makes as much sense as this column. Also remember, your friends in the Republican House must have passed this allweged law that you commented on.
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  • I will look up the laws tomorrow
    deployed decoy
    Google the American Embassy in Kuwait. Read the Whats New tab. TIP, Human Rights, ect. On the White House home page is a copy of the Memo Obama signed last Sept. Problem was for 3 weeks last Sept the exception was expired. It was a standing federal law violation during those 20 days for any American to be in Kuwait or you to put Saudi gas in your car. Congress passed this law years ago, no idea who owned the white house or congress, does not matter. The State Dept annually rates countries under the law. This years report is late, but I suspect Kuwait and Saudi will once again be Tier-3 violators. My vote is kick out illegals from America, and let every American that can afford $144 a month for a legal imported nanny we can beat and rape from a much more depressed country, replace those welfare moms and others who want more than $144 a month working. While we burn their passports like they do in Kuwait so they can never runaway. It is after all where the country is going fast anyway.
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  • I think...
    G Street
    They are referring to the *open bars* at these conferences, usually paid for by some vendor.
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  • Demon Rum
    Actually, the US Army prohibited alcohol at all organizational parties back in the early 80's after several scandals with liquid lunches!
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