8:28 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Stuffed shirts
    I went to a rock concert and ran into a writer from Florida. She commented that her initial impression was that this area seemed too stuck up to have any fun. After discovering that the head of the FAA resigned for drinking three glasses of wine, I have to agree - and I live here! While there is a need for the media to investigate scandals and expose corruption, getting all excited about feds drinking is simply silly. Do we really only want feds that are pre-qualified for sainthood? Saints have to be dead first, you know...
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  • 3 glasses of wine?
    I believe it was the DUI the FAA chief got fired for, not 3 glasses of wine. If he had 3 glasses and walked, he would have a job today. Or taken a cab.
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  • Drinking
    It's not appropriate to have agencies telling employees to not drink alcohol after hours at conferences or even while at home during non duty hours.If a person wishes to drink it's their choice.If they get hammered and get arrested then they face the consequences.My agency had rules of conduct and alcohol abuse is one of them.
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  • Cause and Effect
    I'm thinking it's more what happens when the "Demon Rum" takes effect. Maybe people aren't realizing all the embarassments that get blamed on the alcohol? Alcohol seems to impair judgment and we've seen enough Hollywood stars go into rehab because of their "substance problems" that it's hard to take the high road when Feds now are trying to use rehab to recover from whatever they did. Or are people with excess drinking just in denial?
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  • Conference drinking
    Popular trends for pay/retirement, etc., suggest we go with what is good for the private sector is good for us. Sooo looks like lots of three martini lunches.
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  • Drinking
    First, I do not drink liquor. My choice, but that is limited to me only. Second, I think that the government haws overstepped itself if an employee is told not to drink while not on duty. With that in mind, this same employee can be held responsible if he (she) does anything, even while not on duty, that causes embarassment to the government. This is a broad term and should be interpreted properly, but I believe those are the rules. Drinking moderately after hours should not be a problem.
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  • After Hours
    Drinking and driving is the only prohibition we have. Get a DUI in a government owned vehicle, or while on Government time, kiss your job good bye.
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  • Capital Investment Firm
    If we run the government like private enterprise, have a capital investment company like Bain Capitol buy the gov and suck all the money out and declare bankruptcy and cancel health care and pensions. Oh, wait, they are already doing that - never mind...and the sun set of the US empire in 2008...
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  • Why Drink
    deployed decoy
    When you can take two shots of tequila. Place your head down on the shot glasses, eyes wide open. Push the glasses good and tight against your eye sockets. Tilt your head back and let the juice move directly to your brain through your optic nerve. This saves bunch of money on all those other shots you can skip. You blow clean is the cops pull you over on the way home. You sidestep any agency drinking rules. Is much faster becoming invisible than drinking tequila. Helps solve opticanalinversion, you know where your optic nerve gets cross wired to your hind quarters resulting in a crappy outlook on things. Just a better way to do business. Well except the private sector would cry foul because everyone only bought 2 shots from now on, causing widespread stock collapses as those same hotel bars couldnt cover the margin of offering lower Government rates any longer. Oh and it really hurts the first few times you try it.
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  • Slaves were freed
    I work for the government. The government does not own me. I accept some curtailment of some of my freedoms in exhcange for allowing my to hold a public sector job. This is going too far and won't stop at just alcohol. Why not dictate when we can have sex (rhythm model), what we can eat (overweight?), what and when we can drive (carpool or take public transit - wait, the government already does that), and how long we live (dies at retirement - no pensions to pay). Too far - way too far.
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