6:34 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Wouldn't a little less spending on Defense be a good thing?
    Seriously, defense spending has increased from $295B when Bush took office to $710B now. Wouldn't spending a little less on these nothing wars be a good idea? Isn't this what caused the deficit to skyrocket? I simply don't understand the Republican Party, their tea-bag fraction is dying to reduce spending, yet they keep trying to spend more on endless war. It's time to get rid of the things we don't need - including a few tea-bags. I also understand that the tea-baggers feel that the Federal employee is a useless slog. But these simple-minded individuals should remember that the Federal Government is the country's largest employer, reducing the wages or benefits on this workforce will quickly ripple through the economy. This in turn will justify that large corporations do likewise. Basically advocating to stick it to the Federal worker is advocating for your own salary reduction. In addition, as talented people choose not to apply for the so-called “cushy” Federal job, they'll be there to compete for your job. Be careful what you wish for!
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  • defense is a federal function
    The Original Joe S
    Welfare, revenue sharing, grants to education, all those give-aways are NOT federal functions. Cut THEM instead of Defense. Keep Defense, State [UGH!], Post Office, and the other traditional Feral Gubmint functions, and stop stealing from productive taxpayers to give to the undeserving.
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  • Benefits and .8 percent Retirement?
    Eliminating unentitled is one place to start saving tax dollars. Cutting Federal employee benefits will surely eliminate people to do the work of the Federal government (including identifying those not entitled). Retirment .8 percent? FERS employees, after a 30 year career, fund 50% of their retirement (assuming) one needs 80% of their income to live on in retirement.
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  • Federal Employees Retirement System now pay 0.8 percent of their salaries toward their pensions while the government kicks in 11.7 percent.
    The Original Joe S
    This article lies by omission. What about the 7+ percent that goes into the National Socialistic Ponzi Scheme, which will never pay off? Not only do they contribute to the Ponzi Scheme, but the scumbags in the Congress put a TAX on the benefits after people already paid taxes to fund the Ponzi Scheme. I told my kid NOT to work for the Feral Gubmint. He's in private industry, and gets treated so much better. I left soon as I could, and am happy that I did.
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