6:50 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Pistole Prosecution
    This is just one example of the rampant waste and corruption within TSA. TSA costs $8 billion a year to screen 680 million passengers. That costs $11.76 per passenger but the 9/11 fee is only $2.50, leaving $9.26 to be paid by taxpayers to fund dangerous scanners and criminal TSA workers. Even when they do find something, it is always on the x-ray belts that cost $20,000 and have been in use for 25 years. They have only found two items using scanners have cost $268 million since 2008 and not one weapon by groping passengers. They are attempting to use the CIA discovery of a new underwear bomb to justify purchasing even more expensive scanners at $400,000 each even though there is ample evidence that they likely would have missed this. After sixty billion dollars over eight years they can't cite one success. In two separate GAO tests in 2011, TSA failed to detect weapons 70% of the time while allowing 60% of the freight in the cargo-hold to go unscreened. How does groping a child make us any safer when the bomb is in the hold? TSA has done more damage to our liberty, way of life and morality than Al Qaeda could have ever hoped to do and Pistole has been their willing accomplice. Pistole should be prosecuted for his malfeasance.
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  • Disband the TSA
    Lisa Simeone
    Gee, it took Congress only two-and-a-half years to figure out what the rest of us have been saying all this time: the scanners are a billion-dollar boondoggle. They are being used not only to harass and humiliate people, but to funnel money to the so-called security industry. The War on Terror (TM) is very profitable. By constantly hyping a state of fear, the government gets to impose ever more draconian measures that eviscerate our civil liberties, and a few corporations get rich. What a deal! John Pistole and Janet Napolitano should be fired -- after being forced to go through a few gropes themselves -- and prosecuted. And all the wankers in Congress who are accepting bribes from the "security" industry should get the he11 out of Dodge.
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