8:20 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Intelligence Agency Protections
    If intelligence agencies are going to get the same protection afforded FBI whistleblowers, they may be in for a rude awakening. The first FBI whistleblower case has been languishing at the Department of Justice FOR OVER TEN YEARS. A second FBI whistleblower case has been sitting for five years. It may be prudent to attach a time frame for resolution of intelligence agencies whistleblowers, otherwise it is just more retaliation and reprisal.
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  • whistle blower law may help some people at SSA tell the world what is really going on there
    There is a "clean up" taking place sort of speak in addressing a lot of these issues. there has been a long history of innapropriate behavior at SSA from management. At the Office of International Operations, just a couple of days ago in April 2012, a supervisor was demoted for having a girl underneath his desk (he had his pants down), not much left to say. he was not fired just demoted. In that same component, employees have had sex in the office during the work day, nobody cares. The hiring has been corrupt for years. And we wonder really how good the commissioner is when he promoted his cousin to an SES career position under his supervision. Isn't it innapropriate for him to give a position to his familiy member? Nepetism is the word? Yea again, a lot going down in that place. Bullying has been included in the union contract because it has been happening a lot especially at the headquarters campus. Some "cleaning" has taken place but it has a long way to go yet to be ethical. There is a lot more going on and so much corruption. Telling OIG doesn't do any good, they just burry and deny anything is going on.
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