2:10 am, May 23, 2015

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  • It could be worse
    deployed decoy
    Instead of just being tossed in front of, then rolled once under said bus one time. We all could be captured between the rear dually tires and flipped around dozens of times while we whack against the mud flap and wheel well. Back in the day before it got called a hate crime. A woman in Boise rolled her passenger window up on her estranged boyfriends arm. He probably kept up the first few traffic lights, never had a chance when she headed West on I84. In and out of court and jail for more than a decade. She was left off for time served DUI. Made the argument she was too drunk to know he was flopping against the passenger door. The local joke is, she was arrested for drag racing, they dropped the charges when they didnt have a leg to stand on. Times change, the status quo never does. Congress is far past drunk on power and stuck on stupid. Americans in general so apathetic or corrupt someone could nuke Detroit and folks in Chicago would not even care. It is going to take something so shocking to wake em all up that Americas default will be yesterdays news. I thinking the entire eastern seaboard explode when natural gas fracking causes the water supply to 8 states to spontaneously combust. Then of course it will be the blame game Ver 9.1.3 (squared).
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  • I liked the rant
    But he has one fatal flaw: Private sector people and companies are free to do with their money whatever they want. Government gets 100% of its money from the private sector and not vice versa. His world view is telling.
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  • Free Money?
    C, I don't think using bailout dollars, non-taxable subsidies qualifies as "private sector" money. Throw in tax breaks for depreciation (accelerated) and other pork barrel incentives and the money quickly becomes public dollars (although once removed). It is true that there are crooks, charlatans and stupid people on both sides of the government/private fence, however that does not justify the hew and cry of the radical fringe for summary executions(AKA firing)of federal employees. A more measured approach would prevent the painting of all feds as the bad guys. A truly independent IG would go a long way toward preventing these situations. PS:I like Charlie Sheen's bowling shirts.
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  • Note to Congress
    deployed decoy
    Read this story on CNN, then go away. http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/2012/05/09/whos-the-problem-people-or-politicians/?hpt=hp_bn2 Czech Republic’s Foreign Minister, Karel Schwarzenberg: “The next elections are lost anyway, if you can’t keep power, you should do what you promised to do.”
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  • Whose Money?
    Congress is talking about firing Feds for owing taxes. Feds should have the same chance to pay on installments as do the public sector. Now, if they are not paying and show resistence or refuse to pay.....sure, fire them. But, also fire all the private sector contractors that owe the IRS big bucks and get paid bigger bucks to work for Uncle Sam. The money to pay the taxes should be withheld at a rate of 30% of gross pay until the taxes are paid. And no contactor should be hired if taxes are past due. Congress can write a law to give who ever hire contractors the ability to look up who owes what. Would help balance the budget too.
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  • Roll Back
    Seriously - the Fed is doing things right now that will have to be rolled back later when the country is on better footing. For instance, punishing feds for owing taxes. The news reports that debtor's prison has been returning in the U.S. as banks and corporations have lobbied for more punishments to people who won't pay. These are civil cases over who owes what - we aren't supposed to have debtor's prison in this country. The U.S. needs to roll back those laws, as they will have to roll back any punishments in the federal workforce for workers owing money. Especially when we get another GOP president how immediately is going to implement another NSPS type system where the starting wage is 16K per year. Not enough not to drive a junker and live in mom's basement (if not living in a car in an empty lot). Also, the denial of pensions for intelligence workers who supposedly leak info after they are out of the federal service will need to be rolled back. Who is to say that they leaked any information and who is to judge what an important leak is? It seems to me they want to completely "gag order" anyone who worked in intel. Taking away their pension should be completely illegal after they earned it for 35 years or however amount of time they dumped in (usually, if you have a pension, a significant amount of your life used up being a federal worker).
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  • Great points Linda
    Great points Linda. If the Fed worker is audited, he should have the same rights as a private citizen. If he owes the money he should have the right to an installment agreement. One question-what about the person who, by no fault of his own, cannot afford to pay the debt. One reason could be unexpected medical debt? And I agree that contractors should have the same responsibilities as fed workers.
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