6:55 am, May 23, 2015

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    deployed decoy
    His General Officer Article 15 was posted all over the Brigade. Only the names of his victims were redacted. I should post his name here, since it is a matter of public record, but wont. Two Battalion Commanders back for the 54th Signal Bn, under the 160th Signal BDE, under NETCOM here in Kuwait the BN Commander was busted for sneaking Company Commanders to privates home to his federally paid for off post apartment. Commanders on permanent duty are allowed to live downtown and many have access to the US Embassy liquor store to boot. Puts a whole new meaning to serving under the commander. They took two months pay and sent him to the Pentagon to continue to serve and protect, only at a much higher level. Under local law – that he could have been charged with, just for kissing a woman not his wife - the death penalty would have applied. There is no SOFA in Kuwait everyone is subject to local laws. Just muttering God $amn it is also punishable by death. Another senior federal employee that had several women filing EEOC complaints was allowed to exercise his DOD return rights and got out of here before the investigation got going. Last I heard the Forest Service promoted him to GFS13. Last year the US federal Housing manager took the law into her own hands when she heard a Sergeant Major was off post illegally. When housing busted in on the happy couple, the Filipino girl fell to her death hiding on the 8th floor balcony. It would not be as bad, but this same federal official sent an email to dozens of federal employees a year earlier using every racist term she could think of for women from the Pacific Rim. Why she is still here and the death occurred a very good question. The girls death officially ruled an accident naturally. I could add a few more cases. Bottom Line, I hope those women (and men) sue the pants off the SECDEF in public.
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