4:43 pm, May 22, 2015

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    Excellent idea. I would refine it to define how much duplication is in there: 10% - 50% - the goal of the bill is similar to an existing law (10% if slightly overlapping to 50% if a complete duplicate) +10% - the work is also performed in the same geographic area of the country. +10% - the resources of the agency (staffing/equipment) is likely to be drawn from a similar program. +10% - the beneficiaries of this bill are the same as an existing law. +10% - another agency performs a similar service. +10% the result of this bill will be similar to an existing law (even if the goal is different) I also like the part about each agency listing programs. Listing how many staff is involved in the program could be deceptive - if the program is contracted out with no oversight it will appear very effective until it shows up in the Washington Post that the contractor took all the money and moved to Belize.
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