12:09 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Stuck in the mud at the bottom
    deployed decoy
    I agree with congress on this one. Within DOD the best I can tell, there has never been an A76 study completed. Contractors are hired all the time to replace federal employees that are not extended overseas or the hire action to fill the position cancelled several times (I suggest that in many cases this is cancelled because the good ole boy leadership wants to hire is blocked by a Vet or military spouse, so they just cancel the hire action). I would argue any federal position that the hire action was cancelled twice after a valid referral list was created, should be removed from the TDA and that desk removed from the office. No contractor, no new announcement made, that position gone forever. The fact that DOD does rely on contractors that cost the tax payer much more than say a time limited over hire fed is well established. If any position has been occupied by a contractor longer than 4 years, by default it is not a temporary job, and must be filled with a US federal employee as far as I am concerned. Our contracting office is full of contractors doing everything except formally obligating the Govt. Contractors were the ones beating the truth out of detainees in Iraq, while Soldiers are still in jail for having followed orders from said contractors to soften them up. It is time to cut the fat out of the contracted work force. Better than this. Many of the contractors I work with, due to bottom feeder low bids by the front office, now would be more than willing to accept GS9 job that pays more to the employee. I also figure not a dime has been reduced from the front office salary in these cases, just abuse and loss of perks for the people willing to work for food as contractors.
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  • Contractors
    Kenny Ray
    Decoy, you are spot on. We have almost as many contractors on our IT support team as Feds, and the number is steadily increasing. The employees rotate in an out so fast we sometimes don't even get to remember their name. Our managers love the system because they can through a mass of warm bodies in to the pot, stir it up and end up with one or two really good workers who stick around for maybe a year or two. The long time feds spend a majority of our time training and providing orientation to a steady in and out flow of low paid contractors. Meanwhile, the contractor executives are raking in high six figure incomes.
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  • Contractor Stangle Hold
    Here, the IT contractors are the only ones that can touch a computer or a phone line. Civilians hired in relation to IT simply sit around all year continuing to email the contractors to "remind" them that they were supposed to do this and that months ago. Not a good deal for civilians that cannot do their job because contractors were hired to do the same job. Civilians get bad scores on their evaluations for not doing enough. There is no training or leadership available to take the jobs back from these IT contractors. Civilians are left to just sit around. I agree that contractor execs are bleeding the government dry and they get to yell and boss around the civilians who are disconnected by design. Civilians are just made ridiculous and people think we are too "slow" to do IT work. Departmental budgets are frozen and shrinking while money is routed around to the contractors through the overall budget - this makes the departmental budgets shrink even more and the civlians look even more ridiculous and "slow."
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