7:36 am, May 24, 2015

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  • "broken covenant" of civil service reform act of 1978 imperils America
    Federal employees take an "oath of allegiance" in joining the federal civil service. The oath is quite similar to the one taken by Presidents at their inauguration. The legal framework in which federal agency employees - whether subordinate or supervisor - are to conduct themselves was created by the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, the largest single legislative change in history of federal civil service since its creation in 1883 by Pendleton Act. By it, federal employees are to do their duties in a trustworthy fashion, per the merit system principles, while being adequately protected from agency violations of those principles, which are termed "prohibited personnel practices (PPPs)." It is a complex law, with lots of "moving parts," but ultimately the President is responsible to "take any action...necessary" to ensure federal agency employment embodies that feds will do their duties per the merit system principles while being adequately protected from PPPs. For 34 years now, the President, agency heads, Special Counsels of the Office of Special Counsel and Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen, and Members of the Merit Systems Protection Board have failed to do their respective duties to ensure federal employees have viable mechanisms to make whistleblower disclosures, when the information disclossed is prohibited from public disclosure and are adequately protected from reprisal, unlawful discrimination, nepotism, personal favoritism and other types of PPPs. See www.broken-covenant.org and/or http://mspbwatch.net for much detail. But this broken system is a "profit center" to: 1) so-called "good gov't groups," 2) federal employee union leaders, and 3) private sector attorneys who specialize in federal employment law - so it goes on and on, regardless of the enormous cost to America. We love money too much and justice too little, I wish I could be more optimistic year 2100 will find desirable societies on planet earth.
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