5:37 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Forget Cybersecurity for a moment
    deployed decoy
    Other federal news sites are reporting Iran is gamming military GPS radios. Please know many years ago DOD Directive ordered use of military SAASM GPS used on ALL military systems. This is the reason a QUALCOMM satellite tracking system that cost $1,300 per vehicle was replaced with a COMTECH MTS system that cost $13,000 each and at least 10X the actual satellite cost in addition to the eaches price. Oh and for years after that MTS system could not meet the SAASM requirement in the contract or track a truck move from Germany to Italy and stay on the map due to frequency violations in different countries. The DOD Directive stated people (Soldiers) could die as a result, are they now in Afghanistan because of this jamming. Who goes to jail if so. Every commercial aircraft that enters USA airspace employees SAASM. I would hazard to guess every GPS guided bomb (within the USA) likewise has active SAASM. Why years after all this, boots on the ground are still using commercial GPS is a exactly what is wrong with DOD. Then we get into the latest command vehicles that provide wireless networks in the field. Five years ago Germany ordered (very pointed orders I will add) a wireless LAN system called CASI never be activated on German soil. The American violated this international order and did just that. Best I know we did not crash the wireless network for the Frankfurt international banking community, the only reason some very important Americans stayed out of jail on that one.
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  • I forgot
    deployed decoy
    When Army Europe activated MTS. They did so on restricted frequencies that the German Govt had told the USA were reserved for German Civil Defense and very directly not to use for this system on German soil. Only after the potential willful violations with fines exceeded $50,000,000 did anyone get concerned enough to raise this issue high enough to get the radios tuned to the frequency and satellite Germany approved. Did I ever say we have a complete disregard to almost every other countries laws on the planet.
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