12:14 am, May 26, 2015

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  • DoD Conference Cancelled
    Kenny Ray
    I think DoD is (rightfully) very sensitive to this sort of thing. The navy cancelled an annual flag officer's symposium the same way. That symposium (contrary to the GSA debacle) in the past has always been a very productive and useful session. The total cost to the navy for it probably would not have been enough cover GSA's food tab in Las Vegas, but public microscopes can be very non-discerning.
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  • Here's to hoping that....
    FERS Fed
    ...all of the hotels and other enterprises that lost business because of this cancellation complain long and loudly to the Florida congressional delegation.
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  • The GSA scandal will also have a fringe effect for other locations
    Many conferences are done in Las Vegas because it can be done cheaply. Now conferences that might have been held there will be done in cities that seem less exciting but the bill will be more. But I guess in the end it is about appearances and not the overall bottom line to the general person out there.
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  • It's ALWAYS about appearances.
    The Original Joe S
    Pragmatics take a back seat to political correctness.
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  • Cancelling Conferences in the Wake of GSA
    Retired Fed LR
    Not only did DOD cancel the annual procurement conference, the cancelled the annual Labor and Employee Relations conference as well. This was a terrific training opoportunity for professionals and has always been done with a focus on cost effectiveness. The return on investment was very high. This is what typically happens. Rather than deal with an abuse situation as the individual event it is, the most expedient solution is to prohibit all similar events, abuse or not. And don't forget that the hotels, restaurants, etc iin the event cities will lose money, which is not economically smart in this day and age
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