2:17 am, May 28, 2015

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  • I never got a survey
    I guess I'm in the 14% who think the TSP is largely a bad plan. Not enough choices and poor trading options. Many private sector companies have totally self directed plans, and so do State governments like Utah. If these people can get better plans how come the big TSP can't?
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  • Same here
    I didnt even know there was a survey and I agree with your comments. I wonder how many TSPers know other 401ks and can compare the 2 cause frankly, TSP isnt that great...
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  • A question or two
    A couple of items late in this article raised questions for me. "Twenty percent said their agency did not offer matching contributions." --Are there in fact agencies that do not provide matching contributions, or are these twenty percent simply misinformed? "Feds who participate the TSP but not to the agency matching amount cited similar reasons, as well as making investments outside of TSP." --Is there a way to participate in the TSP without earning an agency match? After the probationary period, is it not the case that every participant's earliest dollar contributions are matched one-to-one, up to three percent?
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