3:39 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • They are watching
    deployed decoy
    I no longer take these surveys. First one has to identify our race. Given the choices for race include Pacific Islander, Native American and several others that are NOT a race. Then after that, select Hispanic Yes or No. No getting off this page unless one answers all the questions including grade, age and whatnot. After that first page, DoD surveys then asks pages of questions like, if you see 3 white Soldiers having lunch at a table far away from a table with 3 black Soldiers is this segregation or gang activity in your mind. By the time a person gets to actually answering questions the survey was directed for. We have given enough identifying information to be spotted from the space station (maybe a drone these days) as we go to lunch with a Hispanic, Native American, transgender, disabled veteran. As for a good, bad or ugly boss. It really does not matter where the boss falls in the food chain. Course a bad boss at the lowest level does complicate things. At some place above that first line supervisor is undoubtedly a bad boss or HR team member. Heck bent on their own upward mobility, or just scared to death of the bad boss they work for. Nothing in the world is going to stop that higher level of abuse from causing mayhem and madness in the lower ranks. Well that is until they get promoted and move to a new duty location to start the process over, only at a level with more power and authority.
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  • Questions
    The answers are voluntary. If you do not want to answer the question about race, do not do so. There was also a question about sexual preferences. I thought it was stupid, but it was no big deal. If someone else thinks it is a big deal, then do not answer it. If you choose not to take the survey, that is okay too.
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  • Walking Dead
    Surveys about how you view your boss are tame and weak compared to what is really going on here. What is really going on requires commands and bosses to be punished. But that isn't going to happen. "No retaliation for what WE did to you is allowed." "Oh, sorry, we didn't mean to call you a terrorist in that memo we wrote about you." "Sorry that you got booted from your workplace and all kinds of libel and slander was written about you, but we still think you deserve it." -- huh? --
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  • OPM Survey
    The problem with this survey is that OPM structured the results to reflect an entire department. Within a department are dysfunctional agencies led by political hacks who are able to hide their mismanagement in the haystack of agencies. Each agency and/or subunit should be represented in the final results and their results should be made public.The bottom line is that no matter how bad a manager is they will not be removed. Their managers above them who made the selection of this sociopath can not take the measures necessary to correct the mistake. It would take a professional to stand up and admit that they had made a selection error. Moving the mistake to another job (at the same level of pay) is the easiest and most deadly for an agency. You have managers throughout government who cannot manage and cannot be removed. Solution????
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  • Re: OPM Survey
    I don't know where you work, but at my agency they remove manager's on a regular basis on the frontline. Of course, they are usually being punished because of something their higer ups did or commanded them to do and then took no responsibility for the failure. Undboubtedly employees seem to forget that frontline manager's have the least amount of power and 99% of the time agree with their employees even to the detriment of their own careers. Now don't get me wrong their are some frontline managers who simply go along to get along so they can be rewarded. But the majority of them have gotten beaten up by employees, NTEU, and their chain of command. I have seen where a frontline manager was told to take responsibility for a project that went wrong because their operation manager refused to follow guidelines, yet was not man or woman enough to admit the failure was theirs so they ask the frontline to take the demotion and promised to restore them when the heat died down. I have seen it all so their is no one solution nor is their no all one side is correct. What I do know is that the frontline is the first to go! We are constantly being reminded that we are expendable.
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  • Reality
    If an employee has production goals, they tend to not like their manager. If an employee has a more esoteric job, like doing research, they tend to like their manager. Nothing new here. It is a rare manager that is able to get EVERY employee to like him/her, while meeting EVERY goal. A couple thousand years ago Aristotle said, "Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goal." If a federal employee is looking for the ideal with a perfect manager and job satisfaction, try self employment.
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  • Survey does not reflect all agencies
    Lisa Lisa
    I have been at my agency for over 10 years and have NEVER seen this survey. Finally THIS year we were asked to participate. Call it paranoi, but if all fed employees have been asked year after year to participate, then either my agency conveniently withheld the opportunity or OPM didnt really send the survey to every fed employee. That being said, I was sent the link from my HR for the 2012 survey. WIll it change anything about our agency? Nope. As long as they get that money from Congress it will be business as usual. Nothing will change. Ever.
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