4:23 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • The solution is simple:
    Raise taxes, and tell the Republicans to stop the foolish and immoral military adventures. Yeah I said it. Raise taxes on those who have more money than they know what to do with. This country can easily afford to provide health coverage for everyone if we remove the profit-taking layer that the Republicans insist on. Medicare for everyone, now. Single payer like the REST OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD. See? Easy. QED.
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  • Right
    Raise taxes - on everyone and make sure everyone pays. It is unconscionable that almost 50% of US citizens do not pay any taxes. And liberals rail against "the rich". You preach class envy and hatred of those who are hard working and successful. That is a recipie for national failure. And as to single payer health care - it's been tried in the old Soviet Union; currently in Canada and the UK, the system is in trouble. If is is imposed here, I think this is what will happen. Private insurance companies will form the basis of a two tier medical system, something akin to the old Soviet system where the wealthy and well connected could get top of the line health care "na laevo" or "on the left" by paying for it. Privately insured patients will pay very high premiums that only a reletively few will be able to afford; in return these people will go to the head of the line when getting appointments to see a doctor. The consultation will be for as long as necessary and medical procedures and drugs will be first rate, or at least not the welfare level the majority of the population will endure.
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  • Hello, McFly...the Dems are in the White House, so quit with the...
    blaming the GOP for "foolish and immoral military adventures." Who put us into Libya? Who continued the timeline for staying in Afghanistan? Who is sending vibes that Syria will get US military aid? Who has recently deployed another carrier battle group to the mideast? Wake up and have a good smell of 2009-2012, bucko. It's the smell of Dems and you know it. So quit the blaming the GOP for where our military has been deployed.
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  • Afghanistan and Iraq
    were both due to the Bush administration - there is no question about that. Between them, they cost trillions. The Libyan intervention was limited and pales in comparison in terms of resource use, as do the other events you mentioned. We are now trying to extricate ourselves from the Afghanistan mess that Bush got us into. The modern Republican Party has always - always - been in favor of high military spending and conversely, it wants to reduce or eliminate social programs as we know them like Medicare and Social Security. The Republican Party is also in favor of tax cuts - mainly for the higher income groups - essentially by lowering tax rates on capital gains - the federal government taxes you less for sitting on your backside and have money flowing in from your stock fund than it does if you go out and do a hard day's work. As for 50% of people not paying taxes - that is an outright fabrication. That applies to federal income taxes, and that number has been inflated by the recent Great Recession. Poor and lower-middle income families pay plenty of taxes - state and local income taxes, property taxes, sales tax (a highly regressive form of taxation by the way) and payroll taxes - also a highly regressive tax since the taxable amount is capped at $110,100 - that means, for example a person earning 500k pays the same as someone earning 120k. And who are these "Leeches" that are not paying federal income taxes? Well, more than a fifth are people over the age of 65, who are retired and don't earn wage income. If you're going to come out and talk about the Republicans and what they have or haven't done - please try to be straightforward. Paul Ryan is at least honest about how he would address the deficit - namely, by privatizing Medicare, and giving Medicare beneficiaries a lump sum to spend on health insurance. And if that subsidy buys no decent coverage, well, I guess his view is, they're old and are going to die soon anyhow.
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