8:52 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Go all the way!
    Politicians obviously believe Federal workers are useless slogs who do nothing but vacation on the taxpayer dime and sleep with women of ill-repute. Why not go all the way? Reduce pay by 50% or more, take away the crappy match on the 401K, health insurance co-pay, and eliminate FERS. Most of these useless slogs will still show up for work the next day - what else are they going to do? The older ones will retire and a few others who do have useful skills will move into the private workforce. Besides the military what do we really need government for? Local governments can deal with their own environmental issues, roads, education, disasters, airports, nuclear reactors, crime, bank regulations, immigration, food inspection, research and anything else that comes up. Local leaders like Sarah Palin would have no problem with such concerns. Between a little prayer and a witch doctor which problem couldn't be solved? Also, why do we need Medicare and medicaid? Old and sick people, like everyone else should purchase health insurance or count on family, friends and church. That's how we get stronger - survival of the fittest (evolution). Who needs the Post office - we got the internet? GET RID OF THE SLOGS!!!
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  • military who
    deployed decoy
    Why not get rid of the military also. I mean we could put all the nukes in the US stockpile under what is left of the polar ice cap. Monkeys on station would be trained to push the green button every day for a banana. Should the worse happen and the UK nuke DC, no banana would come out when the little monkeys (two monkey control) pushed the green button because the people that would have loaded the tray remotely are now radioactive dust at 45,000 feet. So being trained, as they would be, these monkeys would push the red button and blow the earth out of orbit as the radioactive tsunami raced south. Also after all the lazy, sick and old died slow painful deaths with no more public aid - that they deserve in my book also. They would be rendered into power bars to feed the others that wont work for food. Then the USA defaults on all debts and shoot anything that attempts to entry the country. We could use the surplus to subsidize gas at $1/Gal. I think we got it, dont you. I just want out first, before the US devolves into a 4th world country like the Middle east all are.
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  • DD
    You've got a future writing Hollywood scripts or at least Saturday Night Skits. I'd say they can have my pension if they trade it for one of those Romney type 401Ks. That's what I really want.
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  • To gosh
    Are your comments tongue in cheek. I sure hope so.
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