8:42 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Your story is wrong about the Bush e-gov initiatives not doing online transactions
    Mark F
    Let's see, almost all of these did. Here are some examples: grants.gov created a one-stop for applying for grants and continues to be the predominant transaction medium for applying for grants. USAJOBS.gov migrated to the Monster platform for recruiting. ePayroll was totally transactional, allowing agencies and individuals to move payroll processes on-line. all of the tax related e-gov initiatives moved paper forms into secure machine-to-machine. reservations.gov put on-line the ability to reserve and pay for a campsite or recreation facility. disasterhelp.gov had a secure transactional environment for first responders behind the firewall, allowing collaboration and response across all levels of government. and, of course, eAuthentication which this project totally duplicates in many peoples' minds. Please correct your story.
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  • Keeping the Federal Cloud Secure
    Radiant Logic
    Radiant Logic has also been working closely with the government on the Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM). The topic of secure identities in the cloud, especially with sensitive government information, is of great importance and government is making large strides to improve security. We're glad you're helping to bring this up and show there are companies using technologies like virtual directory servers (VDS) to create comprehensive user profiles and the identity data necessary to improve security within government entities.
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