11:49 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Not enough punishment
    deployed decoy
    Well a TS is not all that big of a deal. I see GS9 and 11 positions all the time that require one. Who they get to fill those very low paying jobs with a clearance worth more than the annual pay, I have no idea. Heck to work on the Border Patrol radio network requires one. As does being on the national radio staff for Forest Service fire fighters. Then unless it has changed in the last couple years. Having a TS special compartmented access clearance with DOD, will not get you a job under the Home Land umbrella as a clerk in the mail room. Home Land use to not recognize any DOD security clearance, no idea if this is still the case. Not sure what they did say when they had to brief the SECDEF staff, wait they didnt as we found out so rudely ten years ago. I didnt need a TS when I was in the Personal Reliability Program (PPP), basically half of the two man rule to release tactical nucs during the cold war. I have not applied for any federal job that requires a TS. Given the stuff I was asked about to get into the PPP in the 1970s. I am saving coming clean on my complete past until I run for congress. To sum it up, I need diplomatic immunity to go back to Mexico. There are still a rather ticked off bandit, sinorita and donkey in my foggy youth. The plan is on the stump, tell all my loyal supporters to vote for me, based on the truth, so I can go back to that dark smoky bar, on a fact finding mission. To answer your question on if revoking access is punishment enough. I say no. Revoking the clearance is just a condition of employment. Prior to terminating employment for cause for not meeting that condition of employment, the big picture needs reviewed. This should include potential jail time as well as lost severance or retirement pay if a crime was committed. But alas as we know at least one SS supervisor was allowed to retire in lieu of being fired. I would like to know more about who, got what, as they left GSA.
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  • Todays Stripes
    deployed decoy
    In the ME version of the 25 APR 12 Stars and Strips, they have about this same story as Mike today. Reporter Leo Shane III, on staff with the Strips in his 'The Ruptured Duck' story states the salary for any level of security clearance in private industry is up 5% in 2012 to $76k. Then adds special rates and OT, bump this up to nearly $91k. He references a study conducted by clearancejobs.com . Again I ask just what are those federal fools are doing when they try and fill satellite engineer positions that require TS access with the base overseas salary of $41k for GS9 and $50 for a GS11, in places like Germany and UK. No wonder the contractors all make a starting salary in Kuwait in SATCOM of around $125k, that I will add only rquire a secret national agency check.
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  • Lessons learned
    Actions have consequences. That's why some things are valuable for a reason.
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  • Walking Dead
    I'm interested in what is happening to people during their service with the federal government - not their coin and arrangements afterward. That is part of the problem, people on the job sacrificing everything for their image and what they will do when they get out as far as what job they can supplement their retirement with nicely. Everything is image and prepositioning for a future job they will do after they are retired. "Image is everything" is how Penn State erupted in scandel.
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