8:41 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • It would be good to know how many customer service jobs there are and whether they have the power to solve problems
    Mark F
    So, how many feds are actually in customer service jobs? Is this a core competency of the federal government, given that most government programs are delivered by state and local government? What about fixing the cross agency problem so that citizens don't have to go from program to program, agency to agency, and across levels of government to get their needs met?
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  • Customers
    Sam B
    A large number of customers can include other government agencies and employees in that agency itself. Yes, many programs are delivered by state and local governments. But who do those state and local governments call for support? The federal government. Then you have government organizations like Treasury's FMS or USDA's NFC which provide shared services across the government. There are plenty of federal government "customers", including the federal government itself.
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  • How was the customer service in Cartegnena, Colombia?
    The Original Joe S
    Ask the Secret Service and Military guys who went there.
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  • enforcement related jobs.
    And how would you handle this issue in a job that was enforcement related? I was an IRS Revenue Officer for 33 years and my job was collection related enforcement, such as, filing liens in Public Records locations, and levying peoples wages, bank accounts, and business account receivables, as well as seizure and sale of property. We dealt with the hardest core recalcatrant taxpayers and they did not like our actions. How do you think they would respond to a customer service questionaire?. How would they rate the employee?
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  • customer service
    So who did you say was voting on this? The clowns in congress who don't do ANYTHING THEIR CUSTOMERS (WE THE PEOPLE) WANT??? What a joke!!! I can't wait to vote in November to show them how they rate in customer service!!!!
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  • Congress is voting on customer service???
    Oh I do so hope they vote this in for themselves before they inflict it on others. Do they even know what customer service is? Or are they just being funny again???
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