9:45 am, May 23, 2015

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  • gold plate
    deployed decoy
    One last fact on this GSA thing. Are they NOT the federal agency that sets rates for food and lodging in the USA. I have traveled since 1984, when I got $27 for lodging and $13 for food. I averaged travel for a full month most of the time, got most of a 1 /2 free for each trip because we added 3 /4 of a day on each end. Generally I stayed in no name motels in major cities like Arco Idaho and as such never once used my food money to pay the rent. Yes, had I been in Portland, Seattle or Spokane all month and stayed in top end places I would have lost a few bucks, off my food money, I still would have made out not having to put gas in my car all week or eat at home. A about 15 years ago GSA had an idea for federal travelers to keep half the hotel rates people saved by staying in lower cost places from the posted city rate. People I traveled with that had abused the system for years, by driving up to 100 miles out of their way to stay someplace that gave $8 more a night for food. Suddenly started sleeping in tents, their trucks or places with bugs in the bed. These same folks also had been staying in Hiltons and other top end places in these same locals the month before. So besides an across the board sweeping reduction in room and MIE rates for the USA I suggest that congress should order. Congress really should home in on the free food all over Vegas and see if the perks in Vegas compounded by the high MIE rate was another reason they chose Vegas, over say Arco Idaho. And also force people to stay in a Motel 6, or other place with clean sheets with a shower and all important TV, instead of the Point Hilton at 3 times the cost.
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  • Change?
    From what to what? While at NIH, the culture of spending among the civil servants that I worked with was DON'T SPEND, WE HAVE VERY LITTLE MONEY. DO MORE WITH LESS. In fact travel expenses were the most ridiculously difficult to obtain. If there is any change in policy, it properly should be in the form of an LARGE INCREASE in travel money for NIH scientists, and in the form of an LARGE INCREASE in research funds, employees, and facilities. Anybody who thinks that the GSA spending is typical of the civil service is abjectly ignorant. The true culture is one of parsimony and frugality. I grew quite tired of not having enough funding, staff and space to do my job. The atypical free-spending people at GSA belong in prison.
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