2:00 am, May 24, 2015

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  • C'mon partial retirement plan !!
    Rock Man
    I certainly hope that unions and certain Democratic lawmakers don't foul this up for the many of us reitrement-eligible Feds who want to take advantage of this opportunity. Please... go ahead and use the savings for other things, as along as it saves our country money, and goes for a good cause, perhaps education, then DO IT !! I would be happy to partially retire and train a new employee at the same time.
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  • Did it pass??
    Rock Man
    Does anyone know if this bill passed the House, and where it stands now? Haven't been able to find any info. Thanks.
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  • Proceed cautiously!!
    FERS Fed
    It's totally out of character for Chairman Issa and the House GOP members to do anything to benefit rank and file federal employees.
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  • Federal Transportation Bill hearings begin Tuesday May 8
    Rock Man
    This same bill contains the Baucus Amendment regarding partial retirement for retirement-eligible Feds.
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