12:07 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • War Time
    deployed decoy
    $60B I know where $10M went. In the overseas Stars and Stripes circa 2005, they offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the missing $10M. This was in small unmarked bills in a shipping container that disappeared off the Ramstein AFB Germany flight line. It was it the paper twice actually. They never did report it being found. I Only know because I was drafting a White Paper on Radio Frequency IDentification and vehicle satellite tracking robustness in Afghanistan and as part of this, I spoke to the contracted RFID person on the ground over the phone. After I had all the info I needed to write my paper, I asked if he had any great success story I could add in the report. He asked if I had heard of the missing $10M, I said yes. He then said he found it. In the empty container yard, still sealed and being swallowed by the desert. Somehow it had passed several RFID radios in the process. He agreed with me this was only possible if someone had removed the battery from the RF tag, then put it back in after the cargo passed all RF read stations. They never did make any arrest, had to be at least a 2 man operation. He never received the reward. Best I know that money was handed out by US to influence decisions and buy friends in a lawless land.
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  • All government waste is bad
    I don't care if it's only $10. The government workers are responsible for seeing that the taxpayers money is spent appropriately. If you pay $10 for a cup of coffee you are cheating the taxpayer. So don't try to diminish this transgression b/c it's not billions of dollars. It was deliberate and nefarious and intentional. Those involved should lose their jobs, their retirement benefits and go to jail. We the taxpayers pay your salaries. You better do a good job protecting our money from wasteful spending.
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  • There are two genuine scandals here
    Mike McMike
    1) The GSA Conference in Vegas was a scandal. The perpetrators deserve to be held accountable. 2) The bashing and witch hunting that is going on at GSA in general and the total failure of the leadership to stand up for their rank and file is government at its worst! GSA retruns massive value to the taxpayer everyday. Is that too positive a story for the press? Too bad GSA leadership can't tell it lest they step on some other agency's toes. Both are real scnadlas. No point in not reporting both of them. One thing to watch for: If Congress keeps pulling the thread on this they will find that it leads back to their coattails. An agency that is run as eleven fiefdoms for eleven political appointees can only be justified in the context of the general 'loot n scoot' culture of the United States Congress.
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