12:28 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Congress has nose in it!
    Eliminate the foolish 2006 law passed by Congress. Credit the PO for overpayment into its CSRS pension program and the PO is in no difficulty, accept for too many chiefs (PMG & VPs, etc.) that want to privatize the service. Which is similiar to the Republicans desires and appears to be where it is headed.
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  • Post Office
    I agree with "employee". Why should the post office be required to "front load" funds for their retirement plan. The rest of us "pay as we go". I am "old school". I pay bills, send cards and gifts, collect the beautiful stamps, return items that were mail-ordered that I decided I did not want (or did not fit), AND send my tax returns via the post office with a return receipt requested. The post opffice also delivers on Saturday, while FedEx and UPS do not because they are closed. There are documents that require a signature (sometimes a witness to that signature) - which in most cases cannot be done on-line. The sender will request that the document be printed from the individuals' computer and then MAILED to them. Maybe the post office should go back to being a full federal government agency, instead of a quasi business/quasi government agency. Also, charge junk mailers more for their junk mail; it usually goes into the trash when it reaches a home. We pay 45 cents for a letter, while they pay about four cents per item, maybe less depending on the volume they send out.
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