4:09 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Trim the fat first
    deployed decoy
    Food Stamp, Welfare or unemployment American citizens could be ordered to come to Kuwait and clean Soldiers bathrooms or guard the fence line. Currently this is all contracted out at a monthly cost from a couple hundred to many thousands per month. Oppressed people from countries that dont feed, water or pay the LEGAL population to not work, line up for $160 a month jobs in Kuwait. To pay for this option of moving people from America to work for food to the ME. The SECDEF could just stay in DC one weekend. Course another option for Defense would be to just clean their own bathrooms and secure their own bases with military labor on the ground. Wait, that would constitute an undue hardship for the military as well as really conflict with paid R and R trips or for that matter all the change of command parades that takes up so much time here in the war zone.
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  • Fed pensions and food stamps
    Govt Mule
    Just when I think Republicans can't sink any lower, THEY DO. I talk with people everyday who are out of work and have been for a long time. Some of them have degrees, some don't. Many people, with the economy still not where it needs to be despite recent improvements, still need assistance. I will be the first to say any able bodied person who can work, should work. I'm just as tired of my tax dollars going to take care of illegals and people who can work, but choose not to as the next person. I don't, however, think that people...many of them children...should have to suffer because the militray needs another million plus dollar fighter plane and a few more tanks. Republicans want to line their rich buddies' pockets with defense contracts at the expense of people in need. I'm even going to address the federal pension issue. That's a joke!!! LEAVE MY PENSION ALONE!!!
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  • "..another million plus dollar fighter plane and a few more tanks"?
    FERS Fed
    It's worse -- a lot worse -- than you think. GAO recenty estimated the cost of the F-22 Raptor at $412M per plane. .... The latest variants of the M1 Abrams main battle tank go for upwards of $5M per vehicle. With an inventory of almost 9,000 M1 Abrams, the Army proposed to close General Dynamics Lima, Ohio, plant for 3 years (2013-2016) to save money. The Senate allocated $272M to keep it open. ..... And all the House can think of to do to save money is freeze feds' pay? ..... Eisenhower was right; "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist."
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  • House Budget Cuts
    Trim the fat of food stamps and federal pensions but continue to send Senator McCain, a multi-millionaire, a $60,000 plus yearly disability check. Trim the fat of Medicare recipients but don't cut the defense busget of Friends of Raytheon candidate Mitt Romney. Break the backs of hard-working middle class Americans but build expensive Freeway off-ramps to Darrell Issa's office building in San Diego. Give illegal immigrants tax breaks but deny Social Security benefits to deserving Americans. Abolish the estate tax so Mitt and spouse can perpetuate his millions into infinity. A $21 million income last year and he worked no days and paid 15% in taxes when many American workers pay 25%. Mitt says it's a left-wing conspiracy? Where'd he get that line, relics of the Nixon Administration like Cheney and Rumsfeld?
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  • DoD Contracts
    I have to side with the GOP for this one. If you're making millions off from DoD contracts then why cut your own government wealth fare for? Cut it from the domestic end. With the millions in your pocket you can pay politicians to favor the laws for you. Isn't this what lobbying is all about?
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  • A promised budget ... really?
    The Democrats have failed over the last four years to produce a budget that they could even agree upon, and this with control of the Senate and White House. Their last venture a year ago, with the Senate voting UNANIMOUSLY against adopting the administration's proposed budget, was a complete fiasco. This time around, it's evident that the urge to raise taxes is reaching an uncontollable pitch, and may actually see something in the way of a concrete proposal put forward. It's alo evident that there is no countervailing urge on the part of the President or his Senate cohorts to cut back on spending in any significant way. With a sluggish economy, continuing stubbornly high unemployment, and a fifth year in a row of trillion dollar plus fiscal deficits, it would appear that the President sees his "legacy" as being one of enshrined borrowing as a fiscal strategy to achieve his goals. Adult supervision is desperately needed inside the Beltway, but there's no sign of such. Our descendants won't thank us for the crushing load of debt we are bequeathing them so blithely.
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